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RCA enters the smart home space with a new smart camera and doorbell camera

With nine decades of history under its belt, RCA is certainly a familiar name to customers across the United States. But while we may expect radios, televisions, and other entertainment devices to come from the brand, we’ve yet to see a smart home device. But that all changes today. RCA has now announced its first foray into the smart home monitoring space by way of a new Wi-Fi Camera System and Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera.

RCA Doorbell Camera
RCA Doorbell Camera Image used with permission by copyright holder

RCA’s Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera connects to a secure wireless network, and thereby allow users to see and speak with folks at their front door using the companion RCA Security app. Users can customize the field of motion within the app to reduce the number of false alarms, because nothing’s more frustrating than getting tons and tons of useless push notifications. Thanks to the two-way talk feature, you can communicate with visitors via built-in speakers and a microphone as though you were answering the door in person. And if you’re not at home, you can record each and every visit to your door, and replay events using the timeline in the app.

The Doorbell Camera records up to 700 20-second videos for free by way of the included SD Micro card, and you can add your own memory cards with storage space of up to 128GB. The doorbell also features a 180-degree field of view, 1080 HD video, and promises to withstand weather between temperatures of minus 22 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

RCA Wifi Camera
RCA Wifi Camera Image used with permission by copyright holder

Then, there’s the RCA Wi-Fi HD Security Camera System, which boasts a 720p, USB-powered pan/tilt/zoom camera that can be controlled from anywhere via the RCA Wi-Fi camera app. All content (pictures and videos alike) is sent to the device through the app without any cloud storage fees to speak of. And if you want multiple family members or friends to be able to keep an eye on your home using the security camera, you can give multiple users viewing permissions via a password-protected sharing feature in the app. Like the doorbell, you can add an optional memory card for even more storage, and thanks to the security system’s night vision, you’ll be able to monitor goings-on at all hours of the day.

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Both the RCA Doorbell and Camera System can be purchased beginning today from the RCA website and from a number of other online and brick and mortar retailers. The RCA Doorbell will set you back $150, while the Camera System costs $100.

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