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Amazon Fire 7 tablet is down to just $20 at Woot!

Amazon Fire 7 (2019) review
Simon Hill/Digital Trends

For shoppers who want to get a tablet on a very tight budget, here’s what you’ve been looking for — the refurbished 2019 Amazon Fire 7 tablet for a very affordable $20 from Amazon’s Woot. That’s $30 in savings on the device’s original price of $50, but you’ll need to push through with the purchase as soon as possible, as there’s a limited amount of stock set aside, and a timer ticking on the discount, so it’ll either sell out or the offer will expire, and neither of those are risks you want to take.

Why you should buy the refurbished 2019 Amazon Fire 7 tablet

The 2019 Amazon Fire 7 isn’t the latest model of the tablet as the 2022 Amazon Fire 7 is out in the market, but the device is still a worthwhile purchase if you can manage your expectations. It’s on the opposite end of the spectrum from the best tablets in terms of performance, but if you’ll be using it for basic functions such as browsing the internet and checking social media, then the 2019 Amazon Fire 7’s 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM will be enough. It also features a 7-inch IPS display, 2MP cameras at the front and back, and internal storage of 16GB that may be expanded by up to 512GB through a microSD card. You can also activate the tablet for hands-free Alexa, so you can access Amazon’s digital assistant through voice commands.

As an Amazon Refurbished product, the 2019 Amazon Fire 7 tablet on sale from Woot may show minor cosmetic wear and tear, and it will be repackaged in a brown box. However, you shouldn’t worry that it won’t work when it arrives, as refurbished devices are tested and verified to be functioning properly. The tablet will also comes with all the accessories and manuals as if you’re buying a brand new one.

You probably didn’t think that tablet deals can go this low, but you can purchase the refurbished 2019 Amazon Fire 7 tablet for just $20. Originally priced at $50, Amazon’s Woot is currently selling the device with a $30 discount, and while the offer isn’t due to end until a few days from now, it’s highly recommended that you complete the transaction immediately because stocks are probably going fast. If you want the refurbished 2019 Amazon Fire 7 tablet in your hands for this cheap, buy it now.

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