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Apple iPhone for T-Mobile USA allegedly in the works

Apple-iPhone-4-T-MobileApple is reportedly testing a model of its popular iPhone for the T-Mobile network, according to Boy Genius Report. The rumor is backed up by pictures of a device with, sure enough, a little “T-Mobile” on the indicator bar on the top of the phone, which these days only reads “AT&T” or, now, “Verizon,” in the United States.

According to BRG, the model number on what appears to be  a white iPhone (but not the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5) is N94. The model that runs on Verizon’s CDMA network is N92, while the AT&T (GSM) version is the N90. So the model number sequence adds weight to the theory that this is, in fact, an iPhone for T-Mobile’s AWS 1700 MHz 3G band.

Another interesting tidbit is that the device is running what is rumored to be the next version of iOS, which appeared on two videos from Vietnam earlier this week. In both cases, the iOS included internal Apple apps, like Radar and the company directory, suggesting that they come straight from Cupertino.

The device is not, it seems, your standard white iPhone 4. (Not that many of us know what one of those looks like — at least, not until next week.) The T-Mobile version has a different proximity sensor than the currently available iPhone. And other factors indicated that the pictured device is a testing unit that’s not intended to be sold to the public.

So, that’s all the reasons to believe that this rumor might be true. Here’s why it’s possibly all bull pucky: First, T-Mobile exists in Europe, as well as the US, so this could be white European model being passed off as a test unit for T-Mobile USA. As BRG points out, it could also be an entirely different device disguised as an iPhone. And, of course, someone could have photoshopped the whole darn thing.

Of course, AT&T is in the process of purchasing T-Mobile. It’s unclear if the $39 billion deal will be approved by federal regulators. But chances are it will — in which case, the iPhone will be available to T-Mobile customers, regardless of whether this rumor is true or not.

Check out BRG‘s 26-picture gallery here.

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