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Court: Apple must replace Danish man's iPhone with a new, not refurbished, model

A Danish court concluded that Apple must replace a resident's iPhone 4 with a new device, rather than a refurbished one. The case brings to light how "new" and "refurbished" are defined.
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A Texas man was vindicated after confiscating his daughter's iPhone 4

36-year-old Ronald Jackson was vindicated for an incident that involved him confiscating his daughter's iPhone 4 roughly two-and-a-half years ago. Jackson's ex-partner brought theft charges against him.
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How is selling 5 million iPhones not enough for Wall Street?

Apple's iPhone 5 launch is the biggest in the company's history, but it's being chalked up as a "disappointment." Why?

Motorola wins iCloud injunction in Germany, forces Apple to pull some iPhones, iPads

Score another win for Motorola: it's won a permanent injunction in Germany over push email capabilities in iCloud, and forced Apple to stop selling older iPhones and 3G-enabled iPads in Germany - at least for now.
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