A Texas man was vindicated after confiscating his daughter's iPhone 4

36-year-old Ronald Jackson was vindicated for an incident that involved him confiscating his daughter's iPhone 4 roughly two-and-a-half years ago. Jackson's ex-partner brought theft charges against him.
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iPad prototype stolen from an Apple employee looking for love

This week a young man in his 20's working for Apple and living in Curpertino fell victim to a robbery that included a "test model iPad"
iPad Air 2

Why it’s good for the iPhone 5 to be ‘boring’

Apple's reluctance to reinvent the wheel with every new iPhone is its greatest strength, not a detriment.

Carrier-modified iPhone model without a camera goes on sale in Singapore

A carrier-modified version of the Apple iPhone 4 without its camera modules has gone on sale in Singapore, where strict military guidelines forbid the presence of camera phones on bases.
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