The best Galaxy S8 Plus cases and covers for that stylish Samsung of yours

Big, beautiful, but breakable: Check out the best Galaxy S8 Plus cases

Best Galaxy S8 Plus cases Peel Super Thin Case

With a 6.2-inch display and gorgeous curves, the S8 Plus proves big can be beautiful, but it’s also breakable. If your  smartphone slips from your hand, you can expect cracks and scratches to form in the glass exterior, as well as chips and dents in the metal frame. Repairs don’t come cheap, either, so it makes sense to take precautions. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the best Galaxy S8 Plus cases and covers, whether you’re into rugged protection or something sleeker. It may be smart to pair some of these cases with one of the best Galaxy S8 Plus screen protectors, for complete coverage.

Stylish and minimal Galaxy S8 Plus cases

Peel Super Thin Case ($25)

Peel Super Thin Case

Chunky cases distract from the slender beauty and feel of the S8 Plus, so you may prefer to opt for something minimal. Thankfully, Peel’s cases are the thinnest we’ve come across. They’ll fit your Samsung phone like a second skin. The cut-outs for your phone’s buttons, ports, camera, and other features are accurate — meaning you’ll barely notice there’s a case on your phone — but it does add grip and guard your device against scrapes on both the back and sides. We wouldn’t rely on it for drop protection and the screen is left exposed, however, minimalism is the aim here and so it’s very thin and free of garish logos or text. These cases are slightly translucent, too, and come in black, gray, or silver.

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Carved Satellite Case ($59)

Carved Satellite S8 Plus Case

At the top of Carved’s range of wooden cases you’ll find the Satellite series. Each case has a unique blend of real wood grain and colorful resin swirls, so you’re guaranteed a one of a kind. The underlying case is a simple black, plastic shell with accurate openings for phone functions, tactile button covers, and textured sides for improved grip. There’s a wide range of different designs to choose from. This is the perfect choice if you want a case that will really stand out.

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Skech Matrix Sparkle Case ($40)

Skech Matrix Glitter Case

If you’d like to add a little sparkle to Samsung’s stunning design, then this Skech case is for you. It features a clear, hard, polycarbonate back with a flexible TPU bumper. It’s a transparent case with glitter embedded in it, though you can get a crystal-clear version. It has a special coating that adds grip, reduces scratches, and resists any yellowing than the sun’s rays might cause. Drop protection is good from up to 8 feet, there’s a raised rim to safeguard your screen, and the slim button covers do their job well. You’ll also find accurate openings for easy access to everything.

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Nomad Folio Wallet Case ($50)

Nomad Folio Wallet Case

Here’s a classy S8 Plus case for anyone who wants to leave the wallet at home. The exterior comes in brown or grey leather, and it’s neatly stitched. Open it up and you’ll find three card slots and a larger pocket for cash. There’s also a plastic shell to hold your S8 Plus in place, and it has large cut-outs for easy access to buttons and ports. There’s a good-sized opening on the back for the camera and fingerprint sensor, too.

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Silk Innovation Base Grip Case ($12)

Silk Innovation Base Grip Case

This is a slim, flexible case that’s easy to fit and offers basic protection for your Galaxy S8 Plus. It does have a raised lip around the screen and cushioned corners, so it should protect your phone from bumps, scratches, and minor falls, but don’t expect rugged drop protection. The highlight is the textured bumper portion which aids grip. The button covers are very thin and the cut-outs are accurate. This affordable S8 Plus case comes in a teal blue, or in black.

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RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper ($25)

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper

What we love about this bumper is that it doesn’t cover the screen or back of the S8 Plus and yet it offers solid drop protection from up to 11 feet. It won’t interfere with the camera, NFC, or wireless charging like some S8 Plus cases can. It also features generous openings for the ports and it can be used in partnership with most screen protectors. The downside is that it’s a chunky, hard polycarbonate frame and the button covers are stiff at first.

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Caseology Fairmont Case ($20)

galaxy s8 plus cases
The Galaxy S8 Plus is many things, but one thing that it is not is cheap. The Fairmont case combines sturdy polycarbonate and faux-leather in a stylish package that gives the impression of premium luxury, but without the premium price tag. This case fits the smartphone nicely and is relatively slim. It will provide some measure of protection against bumps and scratches, while looking very smart in a two-tone cherry color combination. If you’re not into big, black, bulky cases, then this may be the way to go.

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Noreve Horizontal Wallet Case ($55)

galaxy s8 plus cases
When it comes to premium, supple leather cases, Noreve should be at the top of everyone’s shortlist. This horizontal wallet case protects your Galaxy S8 Plus from all sides, unlike some other wallet cases that leave the corners exposed. The camera, flash, and ports are easily accessible, so you can take pictures without any hassle. It has pockets for two cards and, as is typical with Noreve cases, you can order it in a variety of leather finishes, textures, and colors.

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Nutshell Leather Holster Case ($70)

galaxy s8 plus cases

Is the Galaxy S8 Plus too big for your pockets? If the answer is yes, then maybe you should consider getting a holster. Nutshell crafts genuine, hand-made leather holsters in New Zealand for the Galaxy S8 Plus. The holsters come in black or tan, and they are available in a variety of designs. Just like anything made from real leather, expect this holster to loosen up over time and look even better once you wear it and abuse it a bit.

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Samsung LED View Cover ($60)

galaxy s8 cases
Samsung’s wallet case for Galaxy phones mixes typical wallet case features with a bit of tech. The case offers some protection from slight bumps and scratches, but the standout feature here is the LED notifications. When you press the power button on your Galaxy smartphone, you will be able to see things like the time, alarms, and also answer or reject calls. You can also assign custom caller ID icons to specific contacts using the LED icon editor app. The case comes in black, silver, blue, and orchid gray.

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Moshi Napa Leatherette Case ($35)

Moshi Napa S8 Plus Case

With a shock-absorbing inner layer, reinforced by a hard-shell frame, this case offers proper drop protection for your S8 Plus. The back is covered in black, vegan (fake) leather, which adds a touch of style and makes it more comfortable to hold. There are openings for the camera and fingerprint sensor on the back, and the ports on the bottom. You’ll also find tactile button covers on the side. A slightly raised bezel around the screen keeps it from touching down on any surface.

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