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How to watch today’s Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event online

Galaxy Unpacked 2020 Live stream

Where will you be when Samsung Galaxy Unpacked begins? Samsung’s next huge event is today, Tuesday, February 11. It all kicks off here at 11 a.m. PT — and we’ll be right here, watching a whole new generation of smartphones, wearables, and earphones make their debut. We’ve already written up everything expected at Galaxy Unpacked 2020, but you can watch the entire event live right now to see all the announcements as they happen.

With several big devices likely to be revealed, expect Samsung to rush through as much as it can in the time allotted, but still put aside about two hours to make sure you see everything. Whether you’re excited about the now-confirmed Galaxy Z Flip, the impending launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 range, or any of the other potential tech launches at Galaxy Unpacked 2020, here’s how you can tune in and watch it live.

How to watch

The event is being held at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, but Samsung’s not expecting you to travel all the way there just to experience the action. Just like previous events, you can head to Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked page to follow every single detail, or just watch the event in the player embedded above starting at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET.

The footage will also be streamed live through Samsung’s official Facebook page, which is a good option if you want to chat with fellow watchers at the same time. Also keep an eye on Samsung’s Twitter account, as it’s likely that a livestream will pop up there too. At the very least, it’s one of the best ways to keep up with reminders of when it’ll begin and highlights of the event as they happen.

Samsung’s not the only avenue to experience the action, though, as we’ll have reporters on the floor. They’ll provide up-to-the-minute news on the latest reveals, hands-on impressions, and surprises as they happen. Follow Digital Trends Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Kaplan, mobile editor Corey Gaskin, and the official Digital Trends and DT Mobile accounts on Twitter to make sure you’re always in the know.

What will be revealed?

Credit: LetsGoDigital

Why should you watch Galaxy Unpacked 2020, though? Will it be worth settling down to watch what is essentially a long advertisement for Samsung? We think so. We’ve already covered everything we expect to show up in great depth, but in short, we’re hoping to see a lot of groundbreaking new devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 range is high up the list of probable launches, and we’ve seen more and more of these devices being leaked as we get closer to the event. Expect updated specs, a brand-new camera module, and some enormous batteries. We’re currently hearing there will be three models on display: The Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and the new ultrasized Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The Galaxy Home has been missing in action since it was originally revealed in November 2018, but rumors say it will finally be launching soon. Well, sort of. Leaks say the Galaxy Home Mini may make a debut at Galaxy Unpacked, meaning the pint-sized speaker could be the first Galaxy Home speaker to release. Also potentially in the cards are the Galaxy Buds Plus — an updated version of the Galaxy Buds. There have also been whispers of a new Galaxy Watch of some sort.

While the Galaxy S20 is expected, another phone will definitely make its debut. The Galaxy Z Flip, the successor to the Galaxy Fold, has been confirmed for Samsung Galaxy Unpacked in an advertisement that played during the 92nd Academy Awards. The Galaxy Z Flip is something very different for Samsung, and it echoes the design beats we saw in the new Motorola Razr, with a clamshell design instead of the unfolding tablet we saw on the original Galaxy Fold. It seems the screen can sit in several different positions, as it was shown off half-folded in the commercial. Can such a device ignite the nascent folding smartphone market?

We used to say “nothing is confirmed until Unpacked itself”, but the Galaxy Z Flip’s confirmation contradicts that saying. For now, all we know is Galaxy Unpacked is going to be a heck of a show, and it all kicks off later today. We can’t wait — we’ll see you there.

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