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Motorola’s next phone may be a rival to the Samsung Galaxy Note series

It looks like Motorola may be working on a device to rival the Samsung Galaxy Note series — and we may see it at MWC 2020. The Note series has long been a go-to for professionals who want a big-screen phone with productivity features, and its stylus continues to be a major selling point. Professionals may soon have another option.

Prolific Twitter leaker Evan Blass has offered some details about the upcoming device, including an image showing the phone with a stylus. The device has a pinhole cutout in the top left of the display, along with slim bezels and a small chin at the bottom.

Not much else is known about the device, other than the fact that it comes with a stylus. It can be assumed that the stylus would slide into the phone itself when it’s not being used — though the image doesn’t necessarily show exactly where the stylus would be stored. As Blass notes in his leak, this would be the first Motorola phone with a stylus to be released since the company was releasing Windows Mobile devices.

While this Note-style phone wouldn’t be the first on the market with a stylus, it could have some significant advantages over the other offerings. For example, the phone would likely come with stock or near-stock Android, which many people prefer.

We also don’t know what specs to expect from the phone. If Motorola truly wants to compete with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note series, it will need to include flagship-level specs in the device. It’s also possible that Motorola wants to go after a more midrange market. The render of the device shows that it will come with Android 10.

According to the leak, this phone is not the rumored Motorola Edge+ smartphone, which is said to be a new flagship from Motorola that will be released on Verizon.

We’re not quite sure exactly when the phone will be released, but with Mobile World Congress on the horizon, we may not have to wait long until we can see it in person. Mobile World Congress is set to take place starting February 24. We also don’t yet know if the phone will launch in the U.S.

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