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NBA launches Mobile View to make watching games on your phone easier

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If your primary motivation for keeping a television in your home rested on the basis of sports, that might not be a good enough reason anymore. Last week, NBA League Pass launched Mobile View, allowing basketball fans to enjoy NBA games in all their glory, all on the 5-inch screen of your smartphone.

This latest feature makes the idea of subscribing to NBA League pass a bit more enticing, as the product does not really come cheap at $199.99 for all teams, or $119.99 for a single team. While subscribers were always able to watch games on their phones, tablets, and TVs, this is the first time the NBA is creating a dedicated experience for those of us watching on smaller screens.

Last week, the NBA made it possible for fans to select Mobile View for a smartphone-specific viewing experience. Now, when you tune into the action on a mobile device, you will be greeted with a zoomed-in view that allows you to see details that normally are only detectable on a television. For example, you can now see a player’s name on the back of his jersey and otherwise differentiate between the athletes — something that was previously only possible if you were watching on a larger screen.

To show how serious they are about making your mobile viewing experience better, the NBA is introducing a new dedicated camera, cameraman, and mobile producer to all 29 NBA arenas, so Mobile View is given the treatment it deserves.

According to the NBA, the decision to introduce Mobile View came from fans, 70 percent of whom access NBA League pass from their smartphone. So if you are looking for a way to catch all the action without having to make your way to a television set, just pull out your phone and launch Mobile View.

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