OnePlus 6T: Everything we know

OnePlus 6T may launch soon with in-display fingerprint sensor, dual cameras

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The OnePlus 6 may have just launched a few months ago, but already it seems as though the OnePlus 6T is in the works. While we may not have too many details about what the phone will look like or feature under the hood, we are starting to get a better idea of how it will launch in the U.S. — for the first time in OnePlus’ history, its next flagship may have the backing of a major U.S. carrier.


Phone Radar

While the OnePlus 6T will likely be launched within the next few months, there have been few leaks about the upcoming handset. A recently leaked photo, however, courtesy of Phone Radar, gives us a good idea of what the flagship will look like. For the most part, the front of the phone looks similar to its predecessor with one key difference: The large top notch has been replaced with a small teardrop notch for the camera.

The back of the OnePlus 6T, on the other hand, is a different beast altogether. The 6T may have a triple-lens camera module. Phone Radar reports the first two lenses are for capturing photo and video, while the tertiary lens is a 3D depth sensor for three-dimensional image mapping.

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The triple lens, however, is uncertain at this point. An image from German tech site WinFuture shows the OnePlus 6T without the triple-lens setup. The site claims it’s from a trusted source and the triple lens is not in the cards for the next generation OnePlus.

You’ll also notice that the fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be found on the OnePlus 6T. In an email to CNET, OnePlus confirmed the upcoming flagship will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. Another thing is missing as well: OnePlus confirmed the upcoming 6T will be the first in its lineup to not have a headphone jack.


Other details about the phone have yet to be released, but it will likely feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor again, along with at least 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

German tech site WinFuture reports many of the changes to the OnePlus 6T will be modest. We may see a 6.41-inch OLED display with a 19.5:9  aspect ratio along with the teardrop notch on the 6T.

Release date and price

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It doesn’t look like we’ll be waiting long for the OnePlus 6T. The company apparently took to its Weibo page, saying it had a new goal for January 15, 2019 — and accompanied this with an image of the OnePlus 6. While this isn’t much to go on, it’s possible this is the planned release date for the OnePlus 6T.

Since OnePlus typically releases updated handsets, we don’t think we’ll be waiting that long to see the OnePlue 6T. A lockscreen image of the OnePlus, first reported by CNET, shows the 6T may launch on October 17. If that’s the case, invites for the event should be coming out in the near future that will confirm the date.

As if we needed to get more unsure, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) also recently certified a device from OnePlus. Companies usually request EEC certification shortly before they launch their products, and this would usually signify a close release date.

According to CNET, T-Mobile will be the exclusive carrier partner for the OnePlus 6T when it’s released. To be clear, that doesn’t mean that the phone won’t also be available unlocked — it just means that it won’t be available from other U.S. carriers. Citing people familiar with the matter, CNET says that the partnership will include the release of a version of the phone optimized for T-Mobile’s network.

The report also notes that the phone is set to come in at $550 — though the price has not been finalized and it could end up costing a little more or less.

Updated on September 19, 2018: OnePlus 6T may have dual-camera lens, larger display.


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