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The original AirTag: Tile Bluetooth trackers discounted for Prime Day

Tile Pro 2022 attached to key ring.

If you and your family members are prone to misplacing things like keys, remote controls, and phones, you should think about taking advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day deals for Tile trackers. These Bluetooth-powered devices will make sure that you won’t lose anything again, and with the discounts for the shopping event, you’ll be able to afford multiples of them to attach to as many objects as you need to.

Apple has released its own version of the Bluetooth trackers named the AirTag, but our Apple AirTag versus Tile tags comparison reveals that you’re better off going for Tile’s products because they come in different designs, and they work with many more devices while the Apple AirTag is limited to iPhones and iPads. If you’re sold on Tile’s trackers, you should check out Amazon’s offer for Prime Day while stocks are still available.

What to buy in Amazon’s Prime Day Tile sale

The Tile Mate is a slimmed down version of the brand’s original Bluetooth tracker that’s on sale for , for savings of $7 on its original price of $25. You can use the Tile app to make the tracker ring when it’s within Bluetooth range, and when it’s too far away, the app will show the last known location on a map. The Tile Mate also works the opposite way — you can double press its button to make its paired smartphone ring, even when it’s on silent mode. Amazon is also offering a two-pack of the Tile Mate for , down $15 from $48, and a three-pack for , down $22 from $70.

Other Tile products on sale from Amazon for Prime Day include a two-pack for the Tile Sticker, which you can stick to your things, for instead of $55 for $17 in savings; and the Tile Slim, which can easily slide into wallets and luggage tags, for instead of $35 for $11 in savings.

The Tile app is available on iOS or Android, so no matter the Tile product that you choose, you’re sure that you’ll be able to use it with your smartphone. Tile devices also work with Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, so you’ll be able to look for your things by saying voice commands like “Hey Google, ask Tile to ring my keys.” The trackers also feature IP67 water resistance, a battery that can last up to three years, and a Bluetooth range of up to 250 feet.

You’ll need to choose quickly if you want to purchase any of these Tile trackers for your family or for yourself, as we’re not sure how long Amazon’s stocks will last. If you think these Bluetooth trackers will save you from a lot of stress, then don’t hesitate to get them while they’re available with discounts.

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Get an Oura Ring 3 for as low as $283 before Prime Day ends
A person wearing the Oura Ring 3rd generation Horizon and Heritage model.

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Why you should buy the Oura Ring 3
The Oura Ring 3 is an all-encompassing health tracker with an extremely low profile, it just fits around your finger like, well, a ring. Its ability to hug snuggly around your finger gives it the ability to take accurate pulse readings and get good insights into your sleep routine. The full readout from the Oura Ring 3's sensors give out over 20 biometrics. And, as a water resistant piece of tech, it can follow you anywhere you go and do anything you do.

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Best Prime Day smartphone deals: iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy
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With how important phones are these days, it makes sense to want to have a modern phone that isn't more than a few years old. Luckily, smartphones are some of the most discounted items, and while Prime Day is officially over, there are still some great Prime Day deals that you can snag. That includes everything from more budget-friendly options to the higher-end Apple Prime Day deals, so there are options out there for pretty much everybody, and we've collected some of our favorites below. Also, you may want to check out these Prime Day tablet deals for some additional utility.
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Don’t forget. You can save big on a replacement Apple Pencil 2 for Prime Day
The 2nd gen Apple Pencil laying on a table.

It's easy to think of Prime Day as the time to pick up new goodies and, from time to time, to check out if that expensive new tech item has dropped down to an affordable price. What we often forget is that Prime Day deals are also a great way to pick up essentials, extras, and replacement items. Right now, this Apple Prime Day deal on the Apple Pencil 2 is a perfect example of that spirit in action. Normally $129, the price has dropped by $50 on the humble Apple Pencil 2, bringing it to $79. Whether you've lost your old one, want a backup, or need a fresh one to go with the iPad Prime Day deal you picked up, now is the time to get an Apple Pencil 2. Tap the button below to pick yours up now, or keep reading to see what makes the Apple Pencil 2 special.

Why you should buy the Apple Pencil 2
The number one reason you should buy the Apple Pencil 2 right now is to have a backup or to replace your lost or stolen one while the price is low. But there's always the chance that you haven't had an Apple Pencil 2 before, in which case you should know how it operates. While we'll leave it to our Apple Pencil 2 review to cover the fine details, you should know that the pen detects tilt and pressure as you write. When combined with the low latency of the pen's connection with your tablet, you'll find that writing with it feels very fluid and lifelike. The Apple Pencil 2's convenient wireless charging lets it charge while it is attached to the edge of your iPad, the most likely spot you'd ever want to put it, making having a charged Apple Pencil 2 a thoughtless exercise.

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