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Best Prime Day Kindle deals still available in 2022

Prime Day 2022 kindle deals graphic.

Amazon Prime Day is over, but some great Prime Day deals are still here. With lots of summer reading to be done, there’s no better time to buy an Amazon Kindle. One of the best e-readers on the market, the Kindle is a great option for avid readers and anyone who likes to consume content on a tablet. It can be time-consuming keeping track of all the best Prime Day Kindle deals, so we’ve rounded up some of the best deals right here for you. Although the Kindle is an Amazon product, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll only find it on Amazon. Loads of Best Buy Prime Day deals and Walmart Prime Day deals are likely to also include Kindles, and plenty more besides.

 Amazon Kindle — $45, was $90

A Kindle placed next to a smartphone on top of a shoulder bag.

Why Buy

  • Great battery life
  • Front lights are adjustable
  • Comfortable to use and read
  • Gorgeous screen

If you like the idea of the Kindle Kids edition but don’t want it wrapped up in the kid-friendly bundle, you can grab the same Kindle on its own. It’s the exact same Kindle as the one with kid-friendly wrapping, meaning it’s the Kindle 10th gen, but this time it comes without a cover, although you can buy one separately, whether printed or fabric, so you have a couple of choices. Also, keep in mind this version is the ad-supported one, which means you get ads in the screensaver and at the bottom of your home screen, which isn’t too bad and does decrease the overall cost. If you want ads removed, you can pay a one-time cost worth the difference, which is about $20, so it’s not too bad.

As for the screen, it’s 6 inches and glare-free, which is great if you want to take it out to read during the daytime, and with 167 ppi the text is pretty crisp. There aren’t as many LED front lights as the Paperwhite, but there are enough that it’s still well lit, and you can get enough warm colors at night to read without straining your eyes. It’s also pretty lightweight, coming in at 6.1 ounces, making it easy to read one-handed for long periods if that’s what you prefer. Even better, Amazon throws in a one-year limited warranty on it, a nice deal for a budget product, so you’re at least somewhat protected in the worst-case scenario.

Much like the Paperwhite, the original Kindle has Bluetooth, which allows you to listen to audiobooks and transition seamlessly between reading and listening, and with 8GB of storage, you can store thousands of books and dozens if not hundreds of audiobooks. Battery life is also pretty impressive, giving you about a week or two of regular reading before it needs a charge. Of course, keep in mind that this can vary depending on how much you read and how bright you set the screen, but five to ten days is about what you’re likely to experience.

This Kindle is the base model that most people are likely to grab from the best Prime Day Kindle deals if they don’t have one already, and for a good reason; it’s well priced and a good entry-level e-reader to dip your toes in.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite — $50, was $110

A child reads outside on the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition.

Why Buy

  • Easy for kids to use
  • Comes with a light for easier viewing
  • Includes a cover
  • 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+

If you have a little one at home and want to encourage them to start reading, one of the best ways to do it is with the Kindle Kids. Not only does it give them an electronic device to peer at without the distractions of the internet, but it also comes with a bunch of extra features that make it quite a nice bundle. For example, the Kindle Kids comes with a cover, and you have a choice of four to pick from including solid blue or pink, rainbow birds, or space station, the last two being a lot of fun and likely something most kids will enjoy.

In essence, the Kindle Kids edition is just the Kindle 10th generation with a few twists to make it more kid-friendly, so if you’re familiar with that, then you know what you’re getting in the box. For the uninitiated, it’s a 6-inch ebook reader with 176 ppi, which is great given the size and price tag. It also has four LEDs that help with reading in darker environments — great for kids who love reading under the covers — plus 8GB of storage, and there’s no microSD slot, although that 8GB of internal storage should be more than enough for everybody.

Besides that, some nice additions work well for kids, such as the Vocabulary Builder, a built-in dictionary, and Word Wise, a paired-down version of a dictionary that automatically provides definitions for complex words to avoid breaking the flow of reading. There’s also the parent’s dashboard which allows you finer control of what your kid reads, lets you add specific books to their library, and even lets you set daily reading goals if they need a bit of guidance. Finally, the Kindle Kids edition comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which gives you access to hundreds of audible books, a pretty nice deal if you want to get started without the fuss of specifically buying books.

All in all, the Kids Kindle edition is an excellent Prime Day Kindle deal for kids and a great Prime Day tablet deal too, although, given the similarities to the previous Kindle, it might be worth looking at the breakdown between the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition and Kindle (2019) to see if just buying the same Kindle without the bundle might be cheaper and achieve the same goals.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite — $95, was $140

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in use with the blue light filter on.

Why Buy

  • USB-C port
  • Easy and comfortable to hold when reading
  • Better color temperature adjustments
  • Waterproof

The 2018 Kindle is great, especially if you want a mid-range kindle at a budget price. However, if you want something a little bit more fancy with some of the newer features you’ve come to expect from a modern device, the 2021 Kindle Paperwhite is the one to go for. While it primarily remains the same device, with features like an IPX8 rating that allows you to use it around and in water, there are a few upgrades that you’ll certainly appreciate. That being said, be aware that this version of the Kindle is ad-supported, which means you get screensaver ads and ads at the bottom of your home screen. They aren’t too bad, and a one-time payment for the difference, roughly $20, will remove the ads and turn it into an ad-free Kindle Paperwhite.

For starters, one common issue that many people complained about with the 2018 version was the lack of warmer color adjustment, including things like low blue light filtering. While low blue light filtering still hasn’t shown up, the color adjustment has, and you can even pre-schedule a color change for later at night when you might want a warmer color to read by compared to a brighter color in the daytime. Speaking of which, daytime reading is great on this 6.8-inch screen which is both big and surprisingly light, and with its anti-glare tech, you don’t need to worry about direct sunlight disturbing your reading time.

Another big change is the addition of the USB-C port, which finally means you don’t have to carry an extra cable just for the Kindle. One nice improvement that isn’t immediately obvious is the near-instant flipping of pages, which is usually accompanied by lag on other e-readers and lower-end Kindle models. That ultimately means you get a better reading experience, and browsing the Kindle store is much more enjoyable since you won’t have to compete with the lag. You also get 8GB of storage, which should be enough for tons of audiobooks and books; as for the battery life, you can get about eight to ten weeks if you only do one hour’s worth of reading a day and have the Wi-Fi turned off. You could probably squeeze another week or two out of that if you keep the front light off, or even decrease the overall brightness, but honestly, the normal reading time you get with lights on is more than fine for most folks, and charging devices up is easy nowadays.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a Prime Day Kindle deal that gives you a powerful device at a good price, the 2021 Paperwhite is the way to go. That being said, you might want to check out a deeper breakdown between the Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite in case the Kindle is good enough and you can save yourself some extra cash.

Amazon Kindle Oasis — $210, was $300

A person lounges in a chair reading from the Amazon Kindle Oasis..
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

 Why Buy

  • Large and excellent screen
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable backlight

If you want the best reading experience you can get from an e-reader, you’d be hard-pressed to find something better than the Kindle Oasis, Amazon’s premium product in the Kindle lineup. The design is totally different from their more budget offerings and even from competitors, with a rounded ‘handle’ sticking out from one side that more naturally follows the contour of the hand, making it much more comfortable to hold for long periods. Even better, the image auto-rotates, so you can use it in your right or left hand without any issue, which is a big plus for a design choice like this.

The 7-inch screen has a gorgeous 1680 x 1264 resolution with 300 ppi, giving you sharp and crisp text and images. Even better, you can customize things like font and font size. Wrapped around the excellent screen is a sleek aluminum body that keeps the whole thing lightweight and easy to hold in one hand. Not only that, but it’s the only Kindle left that has physical page buttons, which allows you to use it one-handedly, so a smart design choice overall.

Another premium feature is the 25 LED lights — 13 amber and 12 white — which enable to screen to be adjusted to a darker, warmer color —  and given there are so many lights, you can tweake that warmth just how you like it for late-night reading. Much like the Paperwhite, you can also set it to change hue on a schedule so that you can pick up the Oasis whenever you want to and start reading. Finally, you get all the extra perks of having a premium device, such as better and snappier performance and the ability to listen to audiobooks through Bluetooth-connected earbuds or headphones.

While the Oasis can be quite pricey, Prime Day Kindle deals might help lessen the blow, and you can always get the ad-supported version to decrease the cost. Alternatively, you can check out a breakdown between the Amazon Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite to see if you need the extra features of the Oasis, or if you can get by with just the significantly cheaper Paperwhite.

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