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HBO’s The Last of Us trailer gives a first look at its game-accurate world

HBO released the first full trailer for The Last of Us, its upcoming TV series based on the hit video game franchise. The clip gives fans their first look at the extremely game-accurate world presented in this upcoming HBO series.

Save who you can save. The @HBO Original series #TheLastOfUs is coming in 2023 to @HBOMax.

— The Last Of Us (@TheLastofUsHBO) September 26, 2022

Starring Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, HBO’s The Last of Us is an attempt to take everything that made the original PlayStation 3 series entry groundbreaking and bring it into reality. This trailer makes a strong case for the adaptation, giving fans a quick breakdown of what to expect from the upcoming show.

Along with a look at Joel and Ellie, we see other characters that are important to the franchise’s mythos. The trailer features appearances by Anna Torv as Joel’s partner-in-crime Tess, Gabriel Luna as Joel’s brother Tommy, and Nico Parker as Joel’s daughter Sarah. Along with those characters, we’re given a look at the hellish world before and after the initial outbreak, the Fireflies, and the fungus zombies dubbed “Clickers” in the games. Joel hushes Ellie when he sees one, implying that the TV versions are similarly sensitive to noise.

The trailer confirms that the events covered in this series won’t be exclusive to the base original game. The game’s DLC chapter, Left Behind, will also get adapted in some form. The trailer shows a recreation of that game’s carousel scene, which features Ellie’s love interest, Riley.

While there is no specific release date for HBO’s The Last of Us, viewers can expect to be able to start streaming it via HBO Max next year in 2023.

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