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The Last of Us season 2 casts Jeffrey Wright as Isaac

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Jeffrey Wright is joining The Last of Us season 2. According to Variety, Wright has been cast as Isaac, the same role he played in The Last of Us Part II video game.

According to the character description, Isaac is “the quietly powerful leader of the Washington Liberation Front (WLF), a large militia group who sought liberty but instead has become mired in an endless war against a surprisingly resourceful enemy.”

Wright joins a cast that includes Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie, Gabriel Luna as Tommy, and Rutina Wesley as Maria. Kaitlyn Dever will play Abby, one of the focal characters in season 2. Other notable additions to season 2 are Isabela Merced as Dina, Danny Ramirez as Manny, Ariela Barer as Mel, Spencer Lord as Owen, Tati Gabrielle as Nora, and Young Mazino as Jesse. Catherine O’Hara will guest star in an undisclosed role.

Production on The Last of Us season 2 is currently underway. Earlier this month, Ramsey’s Ellie was spotted filming a scene with Merced’s Dina. The leaked season 2 video showed Ellie riding into town with Dina on the back of her horse, Shimmer. On May 15, HBO released two new images of Joel and Ellie during the Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront presentation.

Pedro Pascal and @BellaRamsey in #TheLastOfUs Season 2, now in production.

Coming to @HBO and @StreamOnMax in 2025.

— Max (@StreamOnMax) May 15, 2024

Wright is coming off a tremendous 2023, headlined by his leading role in the Oscar-winning American Fiction and receiving his first Best Actor Oscar nomination for his role as Thelonious “Monk” Ellison. Wright also appeared in Asteroid City, Atrabilious, and Rustin. Wright previously starred in HBO’s Westworld, receiving three Emmy nominations for his work.

Created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us premiered to widespread acclaim in 2022, becoming HBO’s most-watched debut season ever. The series is based on The Last of Us video game franchise from Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment.

The Last of Us season 2 will premiere on HBO and stream to Max in 2025.

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