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Amazon Freevee’s Jury Duty gets a cast commentary in June

In the streaming era, original shows and movies don’t tend to get DVD and Blu-ray-style extras. But there are some exceptions to the rule. Amazon has announced that the Freevee original comedy series, Jury Duty, will get a new cast commentary in June that will be included in all eight episodes.

Director Jake Szymanski will be joined by cast members James Marsden, Ronald Gladden, Mekki Leeper, Cassandra Blair, and Maria Russell as they share their thoughts on the series and what went on behind the scenes. But for our readers, we really want to hear from Gladden since he was the unexpected “lead” in a show that turned out to be about him.

As conceived by series creators Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, Jury Duty is a mockumentary that follows a wild court case with a complete cast of actors save for one performer (in this case, it was Gladden) who wasn’t aware that it was a show at all. So the cameras were usually fixed on Gladden to get his responses to the insanity all around him.

The cast of Jury Duty.
Image via Amazon Freevee

Marsden portrayed an exaggerated version of himself on the show, which was filmed in a real Los Angeles courtroom to further the illusion that it was a real case. Leeper co-starred as Noah, with Blair as Vanessa, and Russell as Inez.

Jury Duty‘s cast commentary episodes will premiere on June 1 and run simultaneously on Freevee and Amazon Prime Video. Fire TV users will be able to access the commentary tracks under the “Extras” tab on Jury Duty‘s official page.

Amazon has also announced that it will debut Jury Duty merchandise which will include the Cinnamon & Sparrow brand for the company that was at the heart of this fake case. Those items will also be available on June 1.

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