Classic PC puzzle game Myst to be adapted into a TV series

myst adapted tv series
There was a period during the ’90s when you’d find a copy of the game Myst in the vicinity of nearly every home computer in existence, and now the celebrated puzzle-adventure game is returning… to television.

Deadline reports that Legendary TV (the television arm of Pacific Rim and Godzilla studio Legendary Pictures) has partnered with game developer Cyan Worlds to produce a television series and companion game based on Myst.

“Cyan’s goal in working with Legendary is not just to create a compelling TV drama but to develop a true transmedia product that will include a companion video game that extends the story across both media,” the company said in a statement accompanying the announcement. “Seventy percent of tablet owners use their device while watching TV at least several times a week. Cyan sees the potential to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling to a new level.”

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First released in 1993, Myst tasked players with exploring a mysterious island filled with puzzles and magical items that could be manipulated using point-and-click actions. There were no traditional “enemies” or violence in the game, only a mystery to be solved. The game — described as “a chilling tale of intrigue and injustice, defying all boundaries of space and time” — was the best-selling PC game of all time until 2002, when it was eclipsed by The Sims.

Myst has spawned multiple sequels and spinoffs, as well as a novels based on the game’s mythology.

There’s currently no timetable for development of the television series and game.

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