New Voltron concept art leaked online

new voltron concept art leaked online voltronexcl1 big

Last week, a new series of images began to leak online that seemed to indicate that a live-action Voltron movie, once thought to be in development hell, was actually gaining some traction. A third piece of concept art has joined the first two, and whether or not it is intended simply to generate and gage interest, or if it is the tip of an already developing iceberg, remains to be seen.

The website was sent the first two images last week, then the third a day later. The website also claims that screenwriter Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, fresh off the Conan remake, have been hired to write the script. The writing duo are currently working on a Dr. Strange movie for voltron concept art leaked online voltronexcl2 big

Stories of a Voltron resurrection have been floating around for years, but for every rumor there seems to be a counter rumor. Following the commercial success of the Transformers movies, the Voltron brand seemed to be floating around in conversation more and more often, but in 2009, it seemed like any feature film ideas would be abandoned in favor of a new animated TV series, tentatively titled Voltron Force, and scheduled to hit TVs in conjunction with a new line of toys, comics, and other tie-ins sometime in 2011.

new voltron concept art leaked online voltronexcl3 bigThen in June, Voltron producers Richard Suckle and Ted Koplar told MTV News that the live action movie was not just alive, but gaining momentum. According to Suckle, we could see Voltron in theaters in 2013, in addition to the new show.

If you missed the original in the 80s, Voltron was a cartoon that focused on five young pilots operating mechanical cats that combined to form Voltron. It was much cooler than it sounds.

So for now enjoy the concept art that appears to be authentic. It in no way means the movie is definite, but it is a positive sign.