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Marvel’s Secret Invasion trailer pits Nick Fury against the Skrulls

Do you remember the last time that Nick Fury appeared in the MCU? It was a light-hearted post-credits scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home, where Fury was apparently vacationing on a Skrull starship and looking for his missing shoes. But you won’t find anything funny about the new trailer for Secret Invasion.

Instead, Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series is embracing a sense of paranoia that’s been missing from its movies for years. After all, it’s hard to trust anyone when the Skrulls can change their appearance on a dime. The worst part is that this is all Fury’s fault.

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion | Official Trailer | Disney+

Fury and his Skrull ally, Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), tried to find a home for the refugee Skrulls somewhere out in the cosmos. Unfortunately for that duo, the rest of the Skrulls are no longer content to wait. A Skrull named Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) has convinced a breakaway faction to begin infiltrating positions of power on Earth so that they can turn our world into their new home. And to make things even more personal for Talos, his daughter, G’iah (Emilia Clarke), is one of Gravik’s most loyal followers.

Emilia Clarke uncovers a secret in Marvel's Secret Invasion.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

That’s right, Game of Thrones‘ mother of dragons has joined another franchise. But this time, Marvel’s not even pretending that Clarke’s character is heroic, even if she does seem sympathetic when she discovers what human scientists have done to her people during one of the scenes from the trailer.

Another wild card in this fight is Sonya Falsworth, an MI6 agent played by Oscar winner Olivia Colman. Sonya still has the stomach to fight the Skrulls on their level, which is something that Fury seems to have lost over the years. She also seems to suggest in the trailer that Fury is responsible for the Skrull threat on Earth because he was merciful to them during the events shown in Captain Marvel.

Samuel L. Jackson in Secret Invasion.
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So far, Fury’s only remaining human allies include Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) and Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman). Former Avenger, James Rhodes (Don Cheadle), also appears in the trailer. But the ex-War Machine seems more like a politician than a superhero now. And this is a conflict that is well above his pay grade.

Secret Invasion will premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 21.

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