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3 rom-coms on Netflix you need to watch in June 2024

A woman stands on a stage with a mic as she prepares to sing.
David Bloomer / Netflix

Rom-coms are the perfect movies to watch in the summer. The stakes are low, while the vibes are high. Plus, the locations are exquisite. Look at Anyone But You, a delightful romantic comedy starring Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney. Two beautiful people falling in love on the beaches of Australia sounds like a good time.

Netflix offers some of the best rom-coms on streaming. Below, we have curated a list of three rom-coms to watch this June. All three can be streamed right now. Our selections include a romance involving the songs of the Beatles, a mother-daughter wedding adventure, and a love triangle at a tropical resort.

Yesterday (2019)

A woman and man look up into the sky in a scene from Yesterday.
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Danny Boyle’s Yesterday has a genius premise: What if only one person in the world knew the music of the Beatles? That lucky person is Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), a struggling singer-songwriter who dreams of becoming a famous musician. After he’s hit by a bus during a global power failure, Jack quickly recovers and eventually plays a beautiful rendition of Yesterday by the Beatles. To his dismay, Jack’s friends believe he wrote the song, not John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The Beatles don’t exist post-blackout.

However, Jack still knows the words to every Beatles song. With this knowledge, Jack becomes an overnight sensation and an instant celebrity. Yet fame and fortune are not all that great if you can’t share them with the person you love, a lesson Jack slowly learns. Even if you’re not the biggest Beatles fan, Yesterday is still a fun and charming rom-com with good chemistry between the leads and enjoyable music.

Stream Yesterday on Netflix.

Mother of the Bride (2024)

A mother and daughter stand next to each other and smile.
Sasidis Sasisakulporn / Netflix

Weddings are always a good backdrop for a rom-com. They are usually depicted in a church. However, Mother of the Bride sets the altar on the beautiful beaches of Thailand. Brooke Shields stars as Lana Winslow, a widow and mother to Emma Winslow (Miranda Cosgrove). When Emma returns from working in London, she surprises Lana with news of her engagement to her boyfriend, RJ (Sean Teale).

Lana has no time to process the information because the wedding is one month away in Thailand. Like all good mothers, Lana eventually supports her daughter and agrees to attend the wedding. If you thought a wedding in a tropical location would run smoothly, you’re wrong. Lana learns that RJ is the son of Will Jackson (Benjamin Bratt), her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. It sounds like a disaster for Lana, but who knows? Maybe love is in the air for these former flames.

Stream Mother of the Bride on Netflix.

Resort to Love (2021)

A man and woman stare at each other while sitting on a beach.
David Bloomer / Netflix

There is a special collection of Netflix original rom-coms that resemble Hallmark movies in all the best ways. They usually involve a protagonist who struggles to get over a past relationship. This protagonist then travels to another location to escape their problems, but the drama somehow finds a way to persist upon arrival. Then, they meet someone, forcing them to reexamine their feelings and see if they’re ready for love.

That’s the plot of Resort to Love in a nutshell. Erica Wilson (Christina Milian) is a pop star searching for her big break. Erica is still not over Jason (Jay Pharoah), her ex-fiance of four years. In need of a change of scenery, Erica becomes an entertainer at a beautiful island resort. Remember how drama always finds the protagonist? One of Erica’s first gigs is to sing at the wedding of Jason and his new bride-to-be, Beverly (Christiani Pitts). Down but not out, Erica finds solace in Jason’s brother, Caleb (Sinqua Walls). Will this newfound relationship lead to something meaningful, or is Erica still not over Jason?

Stream Resort to Love on Netflix.

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