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Where to watch This Old House

The cast of This Old Home.

For over four decades, This Old House has been an institution on public television. The series premiered on PBS in 1979, and it has proven to be a perennially popular show for home improvement enthusiasts. Even in the streaming era, This Old Home remains an institution in the genre that it helped create. Now, hosts Richard Trethewey, Kevin O’Connor, Tom Silva, and Jenn Nawada (all pictured above) are coming back for This Old House season 45.

While This Old House remains on PBS, it has also lined up a streaming home for the new season. Additionally, the spinoff series, Ask This Old House, is also moving over to its new streaming outlet. And now, we’ll let you know where you can find both shows.

Where can you watch This Old House?

This Old House: Season 45 | Official Trailer | The Roku Channel

PBS released the first episode of This Old House season 45 on September 28, and the episode will premiere on The Roku Channel on Monday, October 2. According to the program’s official site, this season will focus on two different projects.

“This season kicks off with the renovation of a 1960 mid-century modern house in Lexington, MA. Follow along as this family transforms this awkwardly expanded home into a contemporary, energy-efficient, open-plan home that is fully accessible for their son with mobility issues. Later, the team heads to Glen Ridge, NJ to help restore an 1887 Victorian-style house. After living in their home for 25 years, the Chaudhuri family has one goal: to prepare the space for a multi-generational future.”

Where can you watch Ask This Old House?

Ask This Old House: Season 22 | Official Trailer | The Roku Channel

The spinoff series, Ask This Old House, is sticking to the same schedule as its flagship series for season 22. The season premiere on PBS was September 28, and its debut on The Roku Channel will also happen on Monday, October 2. New episodes of both seasons will follow the same release pattern. But to find the time on your PBS provider, you should check your local listings. The official description for Ask This Old House season 22 is reproduced below.

“Season 22 of Ask This Old House brings back Kevin, Tommy, Richard, Jenn, Mark, Mauro, Heath, Lee, Nathan, and Ross, as they help homeowners tackle their most challenging home improvement projects.”

For more information about both shows, visit

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