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Worried about germs? LIFX Clean antibacterial smart bulb is finally available

If 2020 taught us anything, it was the importance for cleanliness around the home. People took to disinfecting their surfaces more than ever before and cleaning areas that might have been previously overlooked. LIFX sought to meet this need with its new LIFX Clean lights — smart bulbs with HEV LEDs that help eliminate bacteria. Now, they’re finally available for pre-order here in the U.S. after originally launching overseas in a few markets.

This type of light is capable of destroying bacteria in the home without putting you or your family at risk . Users can activate this setting by selecting the Clean Cycle timer. The HEV, or “high energy visible,” light helps eliminate bacteria while remaining safe for plants, pets, and your skin.

When they were announces, the LIFX Clean lights were still awaiting approval in the United States. The devices have since received that approval, but have also undergone another round of vigorous testing — with interesting, promising results.

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According to LIFX, the LIFX Clean can eliminate over 90% of S. aureus and E. coli bacteria depending on the distance of the bulb from the surface and the amount of time it is left on.

Unlike high-powered UVC light, HEV takes longer to clean. The trade-off is improved safety. When placed 1.3 feet away from a surface, the lights killed 90.32% of E. coli bacteria and 20.57% of S. aureus after two hours. The amount of bacteria killed increases dramatically with time. After 1e hours, the lights killed 99.54% of E. coli bacteria and 98.67% of S. aureus bacteria.

Efficiency decreases with distance. At 4 feet from the surface, 12 hours resulted in only 84.62% elimination of E. coli and 73% elimination of S. aureus. Still, those results are promising — especially with a device that is literally set it and forget it.

It’s perfect for cleaning phones, cutting boards, toothbrush holders, and more. Replacing bulbs in the bathroom or setting up dedicated lamps in the kitchen can help keep these spaces clean, especially considering the amount of bacterial growth in those two rooms.

Pre-orders begin today in the United States, with a single bulb starting at $70.

Note that all of this testing applied to bacteria only. There’s no word on whether or not the lights have any effect on viruses.

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