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15 photography projects to help you stay sane while youre stuck at home brian mcgowan c4ptlshabsk unsplash

15 photography projects to help you stay sane while you’re stuck at home

From daily themed challenges to glamour shots of toilet paper, creative photography projects can help you pass the time even when you can't leave the house.
coronavirus camera industry alexander andrews rt6qv85 aie unsplash

How the coronavirus is impacting the camera industry

From the closure of factories abroad to stay-at-home orders in the states, COVID-19 is affecting the photography industry too. Learn what gear is delayed.
the coronavirus has me stuck in colombia photography is keeping sane whatsapp image 2020 02 11 at 18 45 44

The coronavirus has me stuck in Colombia. Photography is keeping me sane

I planned to be in Medellin, Columbia, for two weeks. Now, due to the coronavirus, it may be months. Here's how I'm coping as a travel photographer on lockdown.
adobe aero hands on impressions 7445

Adobe Aero let me walk through my own photos in augmented reality

Meet Adobe Aero, a free iOS app that brings Photoshop art -- or even your own photographs -- into the real world using augmented reality.
can ipad pro replace macbook for photo editing photography 7120

Is the iPad Pro ready for real photo editing? I ditched my MacBook to find out

With new features in iOS 13 and powerful apps like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Apple's top tablet is finally living up to the Pro in its name.
canon eos 1d x mark iii proves ready to lead video leader 2

Where were all the cameras at CES? 2020 will see fewer, but better, releases

At the biggest tech show of the year, only two of the major camera manufacturers had something to show. Camera launches may be slowing, but innovation is still alive as brands continue to expand the capabilities of their products, from hybrid DRSLs to modular action cams.
2020 photography trends female hands

2020 photography trends will put ‘bad’ photos and bold colors front and center

As 2019 -- and the 2010's -- wrap up, photography agencies are analyzing data to predict the biggest upcoming trends in photography. According to data from Adobe, Storyblocks, and Shutterstock, the 2020 photography trends will be about honest images, bold expressions, photos for a cause and more.
fujifilm x-t100 on shelf

The 2010s were a difficult decade for photography, but it’s not black and white

A decade of decline for camera sales was met by a cascade of creativity resulting from the rise of the smartphone and social media. It hasn't all been good, but photography remains a core component of human expression.
photon light module system hands on featured

Photon Light Module System hands-on: Great for product pics

If this crowdfunded project becomes a reality, Etsy sellers and professional photographers will have a powerful new tool for product photography. The Photon Light Module System reimagines the classic light box as a set of modern, smart LED panels with individually controllable light sections.
note 10 plus,oneplus 7t, pixel 4 xl, iphone 11 pro

Pixel 4 XL vs. iPhone 11 Pro vs. Note 10 Plus vs. OnePlus 7T: Camera shootout

The Google Pixel 4 is here with another winning camera, despite its battery woes, so how does it stack up to competitors like the iPhone 11 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and the OnePlus 7T? We took all four phones for a spin on a photo walk to find the best in this smartphone camera shootout.
iPhone 11 Pro

What is semantic rendering, and how it improves your iPhone 11’s camera

There's a lot to love about the new iPhones, but the upgrades to the cameras may be the most important. Ultra-wide lenses are great, but the real camera improvements are thanks to machine learning techniques, like semantic rendering, which can enhance human subjects separately from the rest of an image.
Sara Crochet

How Sara Crochet scooped up a top Nikon award with her very first movie

Sara Crochet entered her short movie into a prestigious Nikon contest on a whim — and won. Remarkably, it was her first proper effort at making a movie, and she completed it within a day using a camera borrowed from a friend. Here she tells the amazing story of how it all happened.
oneplus 7 pro pixel 3a zenfone 6 galaxy a50 midrange camera shootout oneplus7pixel3azengeeshwhy 4

OnePlus 7 Pro vs. Pixel 3a vs. ZenFone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy A50: Camera shootout

You don't need to spend a ton of money to get a good camera phone. We take a look at some of our favorite midrange phones to find the best camera in this price bracket. That includes the $350 Samsung Galaxy A50, the $400 Google Pixel 3a, the $500 Asus ZenFone 6, and the $669 OnePlus 7 Pro.
Apple iPhone 8 review back klogo

We got smartphone camera tips from a 2019 iPhone Photography Award winner

The 2019 iPhone Photography Awards honored Sreekumar Krishnan for his otherworldly picture of Hindu god Lord Rama, and he honored us with his professional tips and expertise. Here's the scoop on how to take professional-grade photos on your iPhone -- according to a pro.
Photo of an astronaut on the moon by NASA taking photos with a Hasselblad camera during the Apollo missions

50 years later, the first camera on the moon is still collecting lunar dust

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong weren't alone when they first stepped foot on the moon -- they had a Hasselblad camera in tow. Here, we look back at the camera that captured some of history's most iconic images, including our first steps on the moon and one of the best selfies to date.
huawei p30 pro vs oppo reno 10x zoom camera shootout cameras feat

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom vs. Huawei P30 Pro camera shootout: Zooming in on the action

When Huawei introduced its innovative periscope zoom lens on the P30 Pro, it opened up a whole new world of photographic opportunity on a smartphone. Now, Oppo has come along to challenge it with the Reno 10x Zoom, and the clue is in the name as to where it’s taking on Huawei.
pixel 3a honor 20 xperia 10 plus motorola one vision camera shootout onevision comp feat

Which budget phone has the best camera? We tested four to find the answer

To find out which of the latest reasonably-priced smartphones on release has the best camera, we put the current budget darling — Google’s impressive Pixel 3a — against the Honor 20, the Motorola One Vision, and the Sony Xperia 10 Plus. Will the result be a shock? There's a standout winner here.
galaxy s10 vs iphone xs nokia 9 oneplus 7 pro pixel 3a huawei p30 camera shootout huge photo comp feat

The 2019 class of camera phones is great, and we tested them to find the best

It's the middle of the year, which means it's time for a mid-year camera shootout in an effort to find which 2019 flagship sports the best shooter. Here, we pit six phones against one another, including the OnePlus 7 Pro, Pixel 3a XL, Huawei P30 Pro, iPhone XS Max, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Nokia 9 PureView.
loupedeck plus final cut pro x hands on impressions 10

The Loupedeck Plus custom keyboard will make you feel like a pro video editor

With recently added support for Final Cut Pro X, the Loupedeck Plus improves speed and accuracy for video editors using the Apple software. With a collection of buttons and dials that can be custom programmed, the Loupedeck can almost completely replace the standard mouse and keyboard setup.
peak design travel tripod impressions 12

Peak Design’s Travel Tripod is must-have gear for photographers on the go

Peak Design has returned to Kickstarter to launch its latest product, the Travel Tripod. The company's first tripod, it uses a unique design with a triangular center column to minimize the volume it takes up in your bag. It's loaded with features like a removable center column and built-in phone mount.
google pixel 3a vs 3 camera shootout 3xl v cam comp

At half the price, how does the Pixel 3a camera stack up to the Google Pixel 3?

Google's Pixel 3 is the reigning king of smartphone photography, particularly in the U.S., where the Huawei P30 Pro isn't available. But now you can get the same Pixel 3 camera experience at half the price with Google's latest phone, the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Here's how they stack up.
huawei p30 pro vs google pixel 3 camera shootout v compare feat

Huawei P30 Pro vs. Google Pixel 3: Camera kings clash in photography shootout

The Google Pixel 3 is camera phone royalty, but the new Huawei P30 Pro has so many tricks up its sleeve, it could be the phone to snatch the crown away. We took both phones on a tour in Taiwan to see how they compare. Ignoring the obvious camera differences, this test is all about real world performance.
wacom cintiq 16 first impressions review 7 1

Sweet 16: Wacom’s Cintiq 16 pen display makes retouching photos a breeze

Wacom’s Cintiq pen displays are usually reserved for the pros (or wealthy enthusiasts), but the new Cintiq 16 brings screen and stylus editing to an approachable price. As Wacom’s most affordable display, it cuts out the more glamorous features of its higher-end siblings, but still gets the job done.
huawei p30 pro p20 mate 20 camera shootout comp feat

Family feud: Huawei P30 Pro vs. P20 Pro vs. Mate 20 Pro camera shootout

The Huawei P30 Pro's camera is astonishingly capable, with an amazing zoom mode and low light capabilities. But take these away, and how does it compare when facing its sibling phones, the P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro, taking regular photos we shoot everyday? We put the three against each other to find out.
black eye pro cinema wide g4 impressions review 2

The Black Eye Pro Cinema Wide G4 is a knockout lens for any smartphone

Where cheaper wide-angle accessory lenses add distortion, and costlier models don't always justify their higher prices, the Black Eye Pro Cinema Wide G4 offers a valuable balance of modest price and high quality optics. With its universal clip mount, it also fits over most any smartphone, and
is ipad ready for photoshop dsc 2756

Photoshop is headed to the iPad Pro, but is a tablet enough for photographers?

Adobe is bringing Photoshop to the iPad -- but are tablets ready to tackle the more complex photo edits? While Photoshop isn't yet available for the iPad, we added an iPad Pro to our photography workflow to see how the tablet holds up, from image importing to touchscreen local adjustments.
historic women in photography inspiringwomenphotographers 1  5

From street to surreal, meet 14 often overlooked women who shaped photography

Photography's long history is often dominated by men -- but women played a large role in shaping what photography is today, even publishing the first book using photographs. Meet 14 historic women in photography, from the first female war photojournalists to the first woman to pick up a camera.
fashion photographer dixie dixon

13 inspiring female photographers to follow on Instagram

On International Women's Day, fill your Instagram feed with inspiring posts from these 13 women photographers, representing a breadth of experience from travel and street photography to fine art and commercial work.
photojournalist annie griffiths spent a lifetime finding hidden stories interview 1

One of Nat Geo’s first female photographers captured stories others ignored

With 40 years of experience, Annie Griffiths started her career as one of the first women photographers at National Geographic. She now runs a nonprofit working to empower women around the globe.
exclusive look at first photos from the nokia 9 pureview review feat

Exclusive: We take the first shots with the Nokia PureView 9’s 5-camera system

The Nokia 9 PureView was one of the most anticipated phones at MWC 2019, thanks to its unique five-camera lenses on the back. It can capture five photos at once, and fuses them together to offer one image. Digital Trends has exclusively tested the phone for the past week to see what it's like.
Olympus OM-D E-M1X reviewe-30218

Mirrorless cameras were built to be compact, so why have they gotten so heavy?

Mirrorless cameras launched as a more portable alternative to DSLRs -- so why are they getting heavier? Cameras are trending towards heavier models, but that change comes with more advanced features. Even lenses aren't immune in the push for more features despite a heavier weight.
ai changing how we create christies auction painting feat getty

A.I. will cause a tectonic shift in human creativity, but don’t be scared yet

As A.I. took center stage for the second year in a row at Adobe MAX, creatives are about to experience the biggest shift in how they work since the dawn of computers. Complex mechanical tasks will become instantaneous, but the real fear is machines being able to replace a human artists -- a future not that distant.
olympus developers e m1x q and a pc130171

Always the underdog, Olympus engineers show they can play with the alphas

The Olympus OM-D E-M1X encompasses several company firsts -- a 7.5 stop stabilization system, artificially intelligent autofocus for motorsports, and a built-in battery grip. But what, exactly, went into making the E-M1X. Learn from the Olympus developers that designed the camera.
hasselblad 80mm f19 hands on impressions xcd on3

We shot Hasselblad’s fastest lens ever, the XCD 80mm f/1.9, and it’s stunning

With an aperture that just breaks through the f/2 barrier, Hasselblad's new XCD 80mm f/1.9 is the first truly fast lens for the medium format X1D-50c. The total number of lenses for the 2-year-old system now stands at six.