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awesome tech you cant buy yet holovect aer skunk lock 102316

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Smelly locks, holograms, a hydration wearable

game boy cameraman instagram interview jean jacques calbayrac gameboycameraman

Meet the Instagram phenom making art with a Game Boy Camera from 1998

The Game Boy Cameraman posts photos online shot with the retro game console. We chatted with him about his craft and finding other people's 8-bit nudes.
Awesome tech you can't buy yet

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Mesh antennas, portable AC, and more

lexar quality lab tour 5

Stocked with gadgets dating back to 1996, Lexar's testing lab is almost a museum

Lexar invited us to California for a tour of the Lexar Quality Lab, which houses over 1,100 devices for testing memory cards and USB drives.
interview ruin and rose ski film director sturgulewski mark abma2 featured

‘Ruin and Rose’ blends high tech and human spirit for a truly unique ski film

Part fiction, part documentary, ‘Ruin and Rose’ is a stunning, high-tech, cinematic ski film that spans the deserts of Namibia to the mountains of Alaska.
iphone 7 bokeh explained camera

Here’s what ‘bokeh’ is, and how the iPhone 7 Plus fakes it

A key feature of Apple's newly announced iPhone 7 Plus is the much touted camera, and its bokeh effect. But what is it? We'll simply explain it.

What will be awesome about GoPro’s Hero5? We asked the experts

GoPro is expected to release a Hero5 action camera by the end of the year. Here's what experts think the latest camera will have in store.
scott winn canon eos 80d behind scenes gym class dance battle 0001

Forget pricey pro cams, this YouTube star filmed a viral hit on a midrange DSLR

Viral video maker Scott Winn put his Red Epic aside to shoot his latest production entirely on Canon's midrange EOS 80D DSLR. The results are impressive.
sony space nyc shows the best gadgets of today feat

Sony Square NYC is a gadget playpen, and a peek into the future

art404 social first art instagram iphone

How Art404 turned Instagram into a massive, pop culture mural

Digital Trends recently spoke with Art404 about the group's living Instagram mural and what it takes to succeed as an artist in the social media age.
Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop New York

Fujifilm gave us a sneak peek at its first U.S. retail store, and it’s a wonder

Fujifilm hopes to inspire a "photo renaissance" with it's first U.S. retail store. The store will showcase the latest gear and offer workshops and events.
interview photographer trey ratcliff uses facebook live namibia funfun  407 of 501 edit x3

Meet the travel photographer using Facebook Live to invite you along on the road

on1 photo raw develop

Take a Look at the Future of Photo Editing with the Insanely Fast ON1 Photo RAW

ON1, known for its suite of effects plugins for Lightroom, is building a new RAW processor that offers incredible speed and flexibility.
sam nicholson on creating visual effects magic vfx interview

From shambling zombies to parting the Red Sea, FX guru Sam Nicholson has done it all

nba photographer jack arent step curry  amp

In love and basketball, a photographer finds both aren’t so different

From NBA court side to wedding halls, Jack Arent finds the balance in photographing both types of events.
swizz beatz canon unknowns swizzphoto

Prolific artist and musician Swizz Beatz explains how Instagram can change lives

Swizz Beatz and Canon commemorated the 25th anniversary of the EOS Rebel with a silent auction featuring works from artists discovered on Instagram.
canon 5ds r vs sony a7r ii eos lens cap

Full-frame fury: Comparing Canon’s 5DS R and Sony’s A7R II

We preview two of the newest and hottest full-frame, interchangeable lens cameras on the planet: the Sony Alpha A7R Mark II and the Canon EOS 5DS R.
for its latest experiment in virtual travel marriott looks to samsungs gear vr vroom service

For its latest experiment in virtual travel, Marriott looks to Samsung’s Gear VR

Marriott continues to experiment with virtual travel. Its latest project is a collaboration with Samsung that uses the Gear VR headset.
interview moby on photography growing up innocents destroyed img 2395 74

When he’s not on stage, Moby seeks out ‘happy accidents’ behind a camera

Now Boarding

Want to fly to North Korea’s shiny new airport? No you don’t. But here’s how

weekly recap samsung galaxy edge plus tinder ceo google alphabet ge neuro kite and lightning 1

Stories you missed this week: Tinder dumps its CEO, Samsung’s dueling Galaxies

awesome tech you cant buy yet july 26 2015 snotbot

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Whale snot, space suits, and giant 3D printers

awesome tech you cant buy yet july 19 2015 071915 feat

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Programmable drums, LED helmets, and more

varial infused glass surfboard copyright michael clark 2015 mclark fpta 0811 09203 argb

How to shoot insane action-sports photos (from a guy who has nearly died doing it)

microsoft hyperlapse hands on feature

Hands on: Turning up the speed on time with Microsoft’s Hyperlapse app

Microsoft's new smooth timelapse tech called Hyperlapse is here, and exclusively on Windows Phone and Android, so we took the beta version for a spin.
watch a plane get put together in few minutes with these time lapse videos airplane

Watch a plane get put together in a few minutes in our favorite time-lapse videos

These awesome time-lapse videos make the boredom of air travel actually enjoyable.

Your photos come to life thanks to new emotionsAR service

You can bring your photos to life with the emotionsAR service for professional photographers. Use the app to scan a still image and trigger video, audio, and more.
moju is the app that turns your static photos into animated living memories featured

Moju is the app that turns your static photos into animated, living memories

Moju is a simple, Instagram-like app that turns static photos into an animated, 3D experience. It gives users a new way to experience their photos.
photographer fred kamphues at the gates of hell fredkamphues10fkb44728

To photograph the gates of hell, bring tough equipment, a plan, and guts

Whenever and wherever a volcano erupts, you’ll very likely find photographer Fred Kamphues standing nearby.
twenty20 wants to be the getty of mobile photography featured

Twenty20’s licensing service is powered by portfolio of 45 million ‘authentic’ photos

Twenty20 is a new agency that focuses on mobile photography and social media. It says it delivers what traditional agencies lack: authenticity.
ipads are replacing waiters in airport restaurants cotto ipad otg lr

How iPads are changing food service in airports around the country

seeing samsungs nx1 eyes renowned street photographer 50150 webb typeb nyc1  web featured

Samsung’s NX1 pro camera, as seen from the eyes of a pro photographer

Acclaimed photographer Alex Webb shares with us his photos and thoughts on Samsung's new pro camera, the NX1.
oar keyboardist mikel paris mixes travel music photos hard drives solo effort 1

O.A.R. keyboardist MikelParis mixes travel, music, photos, hard drives in solo effort

OAR keyboardist MikelParis, known for his self-produced TuneTrek travel-music videos, talks about his work as a solo multimedia artist.
feast eyes artful dishes top 10 restaurants la instagram noma restaurant cyclonebill flickr featured

Feast your eyes on these artful dishes from world’s top restaurants a la Instagram

Ever wonder what food from the world's top restaurants look like? Just check out these photos from Instagram