Spit out instant wall art, cards and more with these free printables

Printers aren't just for Word documents anymore. Whether you want to spruce up your walls for spring cleaning or print a last-minute birthday card, find the best resources for free printables in wall art, cards, and calendars in this guide.

How to clean your camera sensor safely

Do you notice small black specks in your photographs, regardless of what lens you use? If so, you might have dust on your sensor. Here's how to clean up your sensor using a variety of methods.

8 spring flower photography tips for budding photographers

Spring flowers are a popular photo subject -- but how do you capture images actually worth sharing? Learn what gear you need and several basic flower photography tips in this guide for beginners.

How to photograph lightning: Tips for getting the best shots

Capturing lightning with your camera is no easy task, but while much of it is down to luck and patience, there are a few settings and techniques that will help ensure you get the best results.

How to protect your camera to get good photos in bad weather

Fair-weather photographer? Keeping camera gear dry doesn't have to be expensive -- here's how to shoot in the rain using DIY rain covers or inexpensive camera rain covers for great rainy day shots.
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From grit to sparkle: How to clean up your Instagram account

Instagram profile bogged down by odd photos or conflicting styles? Instagram feed filled with accounts you wish you had never followed? Here's how to easily clean up your Instagram account.

Protect yourself (and maybe capture something crazy) with our favorite dash cams

Dashboard cameras assist drivers in car accident claims, settle speeding ticket disputes, and even catch glimpses of incoming meteors, among other things. Check out our picks for the best dash cams available.

Our favorite budget-friendly GoPro alternatives that won’t leave you broke

Looking for an action cam but don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a high-end GoPro? Check out these great GoPro alternatives, including some 4K-capable cameras, that won’t leave you broke.

Vivo injects A.I. into its new Super HDR photo tech for more beautiful pictures

Vivo is the latest smartphone maker to add artificial intelligence to its camera app with Super HDR, an enhanced HDR mode that exploits AI's ability in scene recognition to create beautiful photos in any lighting.
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Despite rumors, Instagram isn’t going back to a chronological feed

A video of one Instagram users' feed in chronological order has created a rumor that the news feed is going back to chronological. But according to Instagram, the algorithm-based news feed isn't going anywhere.

Adobe enables faster workflow with updates to XD, InDesign, and Illustrator

Adobe is adding a handful of user-requested features designed to create a more efficient workflow inside XD, Illustrator, and InDesign The updates includes both updates to the user interface options and shortcut-like updates.

The $277 gadget that turns old film cameras into digital shooters is back

I'm Back is a digital back for film cameras that allows old 35mm cameras to shoot digital files -- and it's back on Kickstarter with an updated and fully funded version. The new Pro version adds a screen and corrects vignetting.