Following Google acquisition, Meebo prepares to shut down most services on July 11

Meebo Google

We had an inkling that Meebo’s products would shutter after Google’s acquisition-hire for a rumored $100 million, and now it has finally come to fruition. With the Meebo team transitioning into working full time on Google Plus, Meebo announced that four of five services will be shutting down. You’ll have until July 11, 2012 to back up your data or find an alternative.

The four services that will be shutting down include Meebo Messenger, Sharing on Meebo, Meebo Me and Meebo’s Mobile apps. The sole surviving service will be Meebo Bar, its flagship product. For those of you looking to erase your profile altogether, the company has also offered users the opportunity to delete their accounts.

It’s not a surprise that Meebo Bar will continue to exist. If it’s any indication of the product’s profitability, Conduit, a Meebo competitor, is valued at over $1.3 billion. Wibiya, another interactive social bar platform, was acquired just last year.

Meebo offered further information regarding its soon-to-be-extinct services in a blog post:

Meebo Messenger (shutting down July 11th, 2012)

Downloading chat logs: We have created a page where you can download your chat log history at This page will no longer be available after July 11th, 2012.

Sharing on Meebo (shutting down July 11th, 2012)

This is the product currently at, designed to connect users to their interests.

Downloading share history: If you log in to you will see a link that will allow you to download your complete share history. This will no longer be available after July 11th, 2012.

Meebo Me (shutting down July 11th, 2012)

All embedded Meebo Me widgets will cease to function. You will still need to remove the Meebo Me embed code from your site.

All Meebo Mobile Apps (shutting down July 11th, 2012)

This includes our iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps. Chat logs can be downloaded at until July 11th.

Google’s ailing Google+ social network has been in dire need of an improvement to its platform to attract users and businesses to Google Plus. With Meebo’s experience in social media and wrangling publishers to adopt its ad-integrated, social-sharing toolbar, it might just be that company. 

“We are always looking for better ways to help users share content and connect with others across the Web, just as they do in real life,” Google said in a statement. “With the Meebo team’s expertise in social publisher tools, we believe they will be a great fit with the Google+ team. We look forward to closing the transaction and working with the Meebo team to create more ways for users to engage online.”