It’s curtains for Nintendo’s ‘Miitomo’ less than two years after launch

Nintendo has announced it's shutting down Miitomo, its debut smartphone app that launched less than two years ago. Read on for information on how to save personal stuff on the social app before it closes for good on May 9.

Google rolls out lightweight keyboard app to low-RAM Android devices

Google is launching a lightweight version of Gboard called Gboard Go to phones with Android 8.1 that have low RAM. It follows other similar Go apps -- like Maps Go, YouTube Go, and Files Go, which are all aimed at less powerful phones.

Everything you can do on the Overwatch League app, and how to use it

The Overwatch League has begun, and a dedicated smartphone app allows you to stay up to date. Here's how to use the Overwatch League app, including information on setting alerts and viewing the standings.
Smart Home

Hutch can help you redesign your home, and the CEO is here to prove it

This Hollywood CEO isn't just talking the talk about their interior design app Hutch -- she's now walking the walk, too. After all, what better way to convince customers to use your product than to be its champion yourself?

New app Zeamo helps users find and access gyms on the fly

New York City-based startup Zeamo offers a free app to enable users to find and access more than 25,000 gyms on the fly and buy a day pass with the click of a button, with access across the world.
Health & Fitness

Get fit on a budget with the Vivo app and its army of personal trainers

You don't have to go to your boutique fitness studio to get the same boutique fitness experience. Thanks to Vivo, you'll be able to access thousands of workout classes and a veritable army of personal trainers and nutritionists.
Emerging Tech

Lifesaving app lets users share their location even if there’s no cell signal

Spanish researchers have developed a potentially life-saving app that is capable of transmitting a person's GPS coordinates and SOS message even if they don’t have a cellular signal.

More regulations are coming as EU rules that Uber is not simply an app

On Wednesday, the Court of Justice of the European Union determined that Uber is not simply an app or a tech platform, but rather a transport service. That means more regulations are coming for the company.
Emerging Tech

DIRTT uses VR to help users design their future space in real time, from any iPhone

DIRTT, an innovative construction company, is adding a new level of interactivity by launching an app that allows users to walk through their future space in virtual reality (VR) before it’s built.
Smart Home

Carpenters, plumbers, and other pros can ‘beam’ into your home with Streem

Streem uses augmented reality to “beam” a home professional to your house via an app. The professional can then take measurements, identify appliances, and give you estimates on how much a job will cost.

Mountain Hub's new 3D Flyover feature lets you adventure even further

Mountain Hub wants to become your destination for trip planning and recently took a major leap forward by adding tracking and trip reporting to its community-driven adventure app.

Walmart's shopping app is about to speed up in-store returns

Just a few weeks after Amazon announced a scheme for in-store returns via Kohl's, Walmart is expected to unveil a similar service. The feature will work via Walmart's app and enable orders to be returned in just 30 seconds.