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This DIY kit teaches more than coding; it teaches you how to build a smartphone

Want a crash course in coding and electronics, with something to show for it at the end? The MAKERphone is a DIY mobile phone that you can build for yourself. And, yes, it actually works.
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Want your child to learn STEM skills? These 10 robotics kits can help

Hoping to pick up a robot kit for your kid so they can learn while they play? We've rounded up 10 great options, whether you're looking for something that falls under the STEM initiative or utilizes the Arduino platform.
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Rebuild the world’s most influential personal computer with this Arduino kit

If you're looking for a great Arduino kit project, you could do worse than building a replica of the most influential personal computer of all time in the form of the MITS Altair 8800.

Your DIY project needs a computer. Should you choose Raspberry Pi or Arduino?

Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi: what's the difference? We break down both sides of the DIY story, and provide a few examples of each so you'll know what to use for your next gadget-building project.
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Arduino-powered Time Machine Glove can stop moving objects in their tracks

This nifty DIY Time Machine Glove can pull off amazing feats like stopping a fan in mid-spin or halting drops of water as they fall -- all with the wave of a hand. Here's how it works.
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Tap any location and this interactive globe will display photos you took there

Considering how much fun vacations are, there are few things less interesting than looking through a slideshow of someone else’s holiday snaps. This cool, Arduino-powered DIY globe could help.
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Looking for a fun electronics project? Here’s 12 easy Arduino-based gizmos you can build

If you really want to show off your DIY skills, Arduino projects can be useful, beautiful, and downright impressive. Unfortunately, some also require some serious skill. Check out some of our current favorites.
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Totally rad Nerf gun prosthetic makes hands look boring in comparison

Ask a kid for their fantasy prosthetic hand and a bionic Nerf gun has to rank pretty high. Well, now it's a reality -- courtesy of Paris and New York-based hacker collective Hackerloop. And we couldn't be happier.
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Kickstarter machine-vision camera gives your robot project eyes and a brain

Want to give your DIY robotics project eyes and a brain? JeVois in a diminutive, open-source, quad-core smart machine vision camera designed for users to incorporate into their “maker” projects.
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Here's how to build your very own working Star Trek-style tractor beam

Do you want to try building your very own functioning tractor beam using no more than a 3D printer, Arduino and some other easily obtainable components? Well, look no further -- your lucky day has arrived!
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DIY 'wrist rockets' allow inventor to cruise underwater like a human submarine

With the aid of two T100 thrusters, a pair of wrist straps, and an Arduino, YouTuber PeterSripol has built the best pair of 'wrist rockets' we've ever seen. It's the only pair we've seen, to be honest!
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Researchers send text messages using everyday chemicals, eye medical applications

Researchers at Stanford University have demonstrated that it’s possible to send text messages using nothing more than an Arduino and common chemicals, consisting of an acid (vinegar) and base (glass cleaner.)
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Interactive apartment block prototype is a voyeuristic Arduino-powered experience

If you crossed Alfred Hitchcock’s voyeuristic thriller classic Rear Window with a computer club you'd probably get something like this creative mini apartment, powered by an Arduino Nano board.
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Arduino-powered ping pong table play music to match the intensity of your game

Ping Pong FM is an Arduino-based ping pong game that's halfway between table tennis and the 'Guitar Hero' franchise. The faster you play, the faster the music plays. The slower you play ... well, you get the idea.
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Musician builds awesome Arduino-powered MIDI controller, and so can you

YouTuber Alex Coover, aka Glacial Geyser has build an awesome Arduino-powered MIDI controller to help with his budding music career. And he's even passed the instructions on to the rest of us.
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This smart anti-concussion football helmet was created by a 19-year-old student

A 19-year-old Texas Tech student, Alberto Garcia, has created an Arduino-powered smart football helmet that could help protect players from concussions by using stabilizers and smart sensors.
Smart Home

This programmable, open source outlet can do things that off-the-shelf smart plugs can't

Excited by the idea of an open-source, Arduino-based outlet, capable of remotely controlling your various household devices? Then you'll definitely want to check out the Portlet, which you can program to control your various household…
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Meet Scubo: the ridiculously agile robotic sub that’s helping scientists explore the ocean

In addition to six high-def webcams, the waterproof robot allows its human users to link up a VR headset to take a virtual reality dive beneath the waves: perfect for a bit of marine wildlife-spotting without getting your hair wet in the…