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Can a gadget save you from the distraction of gadgets? We tried Foci

Foci is a biometric wearable that looks a lot like a bluetooth earpiece that you wear on your waist. Using tiny sensors to monitor your breathing patterns, Foci promises to help keep your mind on track.

From picking to pollinating, agribots are pushing farming into the future

Farming is becoming increasingly challenging. To deal with environmental pollution, labor shortage, and other major issues, agricultural scientists are turning to robots and AI.
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Oscar the A.I. trash can sorts your garbage and recyclables

Autonomous, an office furniture company, announced a Kickstarter campaign for Oscar, an A.I.-based device that sorts recyclables and garbage. Environmentally conscious owners will have the chance to assist with additional training.
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School shooters leave clues. Could A.I. spot the next one before it’s too late?

To prevent future school shootings, experts are turning to artificial intelligence to help pinpoint signs of possible violence in children.
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Google Duplex could have a new job — taking the place of humans in call centers

It seems that Google may be looking for more commercial ways to employ its A.I. assistant -- not Google Assistant, but rather Google Duplex. According to a report from The Information, Duplex could be replacing human callers.

A.I. players master ‘Quake III Arena,’ manage to outperform humans

Artificial intelligence research company DeepMind has managed to train its virtual agents to play capture the flag in Quake III Arena, and they're even capable of beating human players.
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SpaceX delivers CIMON, along with berries and ice cream, at ISS

CIMON is the world's first flying, autonomous astronaut assistant featuring A.I., and it recently arrived at the International Space Station. The "flying brain" has a myriad of talents and is reportedly a lot friendlier than HAL 9000.
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What is Google Duplex?

What exactly is Google Duplex? Creepy or not, it's coming soon. This guide explains the technology, how it works, the potential applications and concerns, and what it can do for you.
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The future of surveillance: Watch this A.I. security camera spot a shoplifter

A.I. Guardman is a smart Japanese security camera which uses a pose detection system that's able to identify suspicious behavior, like shoplifting, and send store owners a text alert.
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Fishy surveillance system could keep tabs on ocean animals

Symbiosis is a system that uses optical and acoustic technologies to detect and identify entire schools of fish, and could offer a noninvasive means of protecting environmental interests.
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This algorithm identifies the key ingredients to winning a debate

A team of researchers at Northeastern University have taken on the task of predicting debate “winners” by deconstructing their arguments, hoping to encourage more meaningful conversations.
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Like a vice principal in the sky, this A.I. spots fights before they happen

Researchers from the U.K. and India have developed a new drone-based surveillance system, which uses A.I.-equipped drones as flying security cameras to identify violent incidents from the sky.

Nvidia hands out $3,000 Titan V graphics cards for free to A.I. researchers

During the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang randomly chose 20 from more than 500 attendees to receive a limited-edition "CEO Edition" version of its $3,000 Titan X graphics card.

IBM’s new supercomputer doesn’t just take orders — it can argue back

IBM's Project Debater is a supercomputer that is smart enough to win debates against humans. It can understand and rebut arguments, make jokes, and convince the audience that it has a better argument through a careful analysis of facts.
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Make it so! 8 ‘Star Trek’ technologies that actually exist now (sort of)

For the past half-century, 'Star Trek' has offered us a tantalizing glimpse of the future. Here are eight examples of amazing 'Trek' technologies which now exist, to some extent, in the real world.
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Here’s who’s going to win the World Cup, according to A.I.

With the FIFA World Cup kicking off in Russia, San Francisco-based tech firm Unanimous A.I. has used its considerable expertise to predict the outcome of the 32-team men's soccer tournament.
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A.I. will make smart homes autonomous, but don’t expect perfection or privacy

At the 2018 Connections Conference, artificial intelligence and how it can improve the smart home was one topic of conversation. But before it can run your home, it has to learn to crawl through basic connectivity issues.
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One fish, two fish: A.I. labels wildlife photos to boost conservation

A deep learning algorithm has been able to automatically identify, count, and characterize animals by reviewing images. The system used photographs captured from motion sensor camera trap.