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Google rolls out new update for its Phone app, introduces chat heads feature

Google updated its Phone app to include a Facebook Messenger-like "chat heads" feature, which is currently rolling out. Users will see a floating icon on their display with the contact photo of the person they're on the phone with.

Facebook’s Messenger Kids app is now available for Android devices

Messenger Kids allows kids under 13 to communicate through text, video chat, and more. Currently available on iOS, Amazon Fire tablets, and Android, parents are in control of approving specific contacts for their child.

Facebook Messenger’s new features for couples arrive in time for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine's Day, Facebook Messenger is introducing new features for couples who have make their relationship Facebook official. Couples will be able to use special effects, personalize their conversations, and more.

Michael Kors’ new chatbot helps teach users more about its smartwatches

Centered around its Access smartwatch collection, Michael Kors released its first chatbot. Available for the Access Sofie on Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant, the bot can educate users on the watch's functions.

Facebook hints at big changes coming to Messenger app in 2018

If you're one of the 1.3 billion people who uses Facebook Messenger each month, get ready for some exciting changes in 2018. Facebook VP David Marcus offered some hints in his latest blog post about upcoming changes to Facebook Messenger.

Cryptocurrency mining bot spreading via Facebook Messenger in Chrome for desktop

Heads up Chrome for desktop users -- a cryptocurrency mining bot is spreading through Facebook Messenger. It appears in the form of a video file sent by friends, and installs a malicious Chrome extension.
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Facebook Messenger is now used by 1.3 billion people worldwide

Facebook Messenger has grown from a simple messaging platform to one that supports video and group chats on Android and iOS. This year, Messenger saw its biggest year yet with more than 1.3 billion users.
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Sharing Pins in Messenger just got simpler with new Pinterest extension, chatbot

Sending a Pin to a friend on Messenger is now even simpler, thanks to a new Pinterest extension and chatbot. The extension brings new options when sharing a Pin inside of Messanger, including finding similar Pins.

You can now import your contacts from Instagram to Facebook Messenger

Syncing your Instagram and Messenger accounts is now a breeze. If you navigate over to the People tab of your Messenger app, you'll now find a new option labeled "Connect to Instagram."
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New Facebook Messenger tool could let businesses broadcast mass chat messages

Facebook is testing a program called Messenger Broadcast that would allow businesses to send messages to a number of users at once. It's similar to a chatbot conversation but allows businesses to start the conversation, with exceptions.

Enjoy photos in all their 4K glory with the latest Facebook Messenger update

Facebook Messenger will no longer downsize photos to 2K with new 4K resolution support that allows friends to share more detailed photos. PayPal's Messenger extension also sees a new ability to send invoices in-app.

Facebook can use uploaded nude images to protect potential revenge porn victims

In an effort to help clamp down on revenge porn posting on Facebook in Australia, the social network and e-Safety Commissioner are now advising those at risk to pre-emptively upload their own pictures so they can be 'hashed.'