Google Play

You can try games before downloading them with Google Play Instant

Google launched Instant Apps as a way to try apps before downloading them. Now, the company is expanding the feature to games. The feature is currently only limited to a few games, but it's expected to expand later this year.

Report shows Machine learning is helping make Google Play a whole lot safer

According to a new report released by Google, Google Play is getting a whole lot safer -- and it's mostly thanks to machine learning in Google Play Protect, the service aimed at scanning potentially harmful apps.

Google is celebrating female developers by highlighting their apps

Google is celebrating International Women's Day by highlight apps and games developed by women, along with movies and TV shows with strong female leads. Apps include the likes of CastBox, Canva, and 80 Days.

Music junkie? Here are the 25 best music apps for consuming and creating tunes

We've rummaged through the iOS and Android app stores to find the finest mobile music-creation and music-consumption apps in existence. No matter if you're on Android or iOS, here are the best music apps.

Google Play sees 19 billion apps downloaded in previous quarter

Google Play and Apple's App Store are only growing. A hefty 19 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play in the fourth quarter, giving Google a lead over Apple in app downloads.

Google gets into the holiday spirit with 12 days of deals on Google Play

Google Play is helping you save money this holiday season with its 12 Days of Play. The program runs from December 22 to January 2, and will help you save money on everything from apps, to books, to music.

Google pulls Android Wear watches out of Play Store

Google has stopped selling Android Wear smartwatches through the Devices section of the Google Play Store, after a policy alteration to only stock Google-made products. However, Android Wear isn't going anywhere.

Google's AI has cut down Google Play's malware by more than half

Google is turning to artificial intelligence to cut down on the amount of malware on the Google Play Store -- and it seems to be working. In fact, the system has cut down on malware by more than half.

Google Play Family Library is rolling out to nine additional countries

Google Play Family Library lets you share purchased apps and content with up to six family members. Not only that, but the feature is now finally rolling out to more countries -- including South Africa, Belgium, and more.

Google tweaks Google Play search results to surface best-performing apps

Google is tweaked the search algorithm on Google Play to now prioritize better-performing apps. In other words, when you search Google Play, the store will surface apps that use less battery and render quicker over ones that don't.

Hundreds of fraudulent trading apps pulled from Google Play, Apple App Store

More than 300 fraudulent binary trading apps have been pulled from Google Play and the Apple App Store after an investigation by Australian regulators revealed that they were scamming people out of their money.

Trends with Benefits: YouTube Red/Google Play Music merger & iPhone 8 rumors

The YouTube Red and Google Play Music merger could shake up streaming music and a new leak may show us an important feature of the iPhone 8.