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Forget fossil fuel, an aquarium in Alaska is using salt water to heat its whole building

A carbon dioxide system heated with seawater replaces oil burners in a massive museum and research facility in Alaska. The system will save as much as $15,000 a month and more than a million pounds of carbon emissions annually.
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Humanity’s latest weapon in the fight against deforestation? Autonomous seed-bombing drones

Environmental organizations have been trying (and failing) to stop deforestation for decades, and BioCarbon Engineering thinks it can succeed where others have failed. How? By enlisting a an army of seed-bombing drones to autonomously…
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Google and SolarCity want to install solar panels on your home

Solar power installer and financier SolarCity has recently announced its plans for the creation of a new $750M fund for residential solar projects, $300 million of which will come from Google.
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At just under 8 bucks apiece, Philips’s latest bulbs raise the bar for LEDs

Thanks to their ultra-efficient LEDs and Engery Star certification, Philips's new SlimStyle bulbs are greener than ever, yet they still only cost just under eight bucks
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EcoBee’s new smart thermostat can tell exactly what room you’re in

With the help of some accompanying presence sensors, the EcoBee3 smart thermostat can tell not only when you're home, but also what room you happen to be in

Is gas passé? EVs attract younger, richer buyers than hybrids, study says

A new study by Experian suggests that EV buyers are younger and wealthier than people buying EVs, discrediting the notion that the two groups are similar. This study adds to the increasingly complex landscape of car sales in the era of…
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This is exactly how much soda you need to drink for a SodaStream to be worth it

Thinking about buying a SodaStream, but aren't sure if it's worth the investment? Don't worry - we crunched the numbers for you and figured out exactly how much soda you need to drink before you break even.
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Compost on your countertop with Food Cycler

By incorporating a heater, agitator, and filters into the design, FoodCycle allows you to compost indoors in a fraction of the time, and without the bad smell