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Airbnb woos well-heeled travelers with new listings for fancy homes

Airbnb is aiming to woo well-heeled travelers with a new service called Beyond featuring luxury homes around the world. It's also launched a tier called Plus with accommodation that guarantees excellent quality.
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Airbnb partners with Florida developer to enable sharing-friendly apartments

Home-sharing advocate and hospitality industry disrupter Airbnb is trying something new in Florida by backing sharing-friendly apartments being developed by Florida developer Newgard Development Group.
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9 high-tech examples that prove Dubai is the world’s most futuristic city

In recent years, Dubai has carved out a reputation for being willing to go big with the latest emerging technologies. Here are our picks for the most exciting (and envy-inducing) examples of that philosophy.

Business travelers, Airbnb is about to make it easier to find a workspace

Airbnb wants a bigger slice of the business traveler market, and is partnering with workspace-sharing company WeWork to make it happen. Airbnb will start offering members the chance to book a nearby WeWork space via its site.
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Dish’s new Evolve box aims to bring the streaming good life to your hotel room

Tired of overpriced hotel entertainment? Fear not -- Dish Network's new Evolve streaming box integrates live TV, Chromecast tech, Google Play streaming apps, and more in one place, and it's aimed at your next hotel room.
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Would you spend a night in a hotel room ‘pod’ floating in the ocean?

If you like the idea of unusual hotel stays, then how about a pod-like room that sails a four-mile course in the night as you sleep? Japan is planning to launch such a service later this year.

InterContinental confirms hotels affected by malware that steals card data

A dozen locations belonging to the InterContinental Hotels Group have been infected with malware designed to steal payment card details. The investigation is ongoing but customers are advised to check if they are affected.
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Think your hotel room’s heater is ignoring you? You’re probably right

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, thermostats in hotel rooms don't offer guests as much control over a room's temperature as they let on, and it's the hotels themselves who are the ones to blame.
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Is Netflix more popular than porn as hotel room entertainment? It's not even close

To watch Netflix or porn, that is the question. Enseo has released a new study examining the popularity of streaming Netflix content versus watching pornographic videos among those staying in a hotel room.