Envy Gmail users no more: Gmailify brings best Gmail features to your current email account

Are you still using a non-Gmail address, but want the features of Gmail? Gmailify is just that. Introduced today by Google, Gmailify will make your "other" email address look and act just like Gmail.

Google glitch sends thousands of emails to one man’s Hotmail account

California resident David Peck was unfortunate enough to have his email address turn up in a Google search for 'Gmail' on Friday – at exactly the same time as millions of people were experiencing issues with Google's Web-based services.

Microsoft to Gmail users: Switch to with our new import tool!

Microsoft lost millions of Hotmail users to Gmail in the years following its 2004 launch, but now it wants them back. The company is rolling out a new tool that simplifies the process of switching from Gmail to its post-Hotmail…
Web Microsoft kills off linked accounts, switches to aliases

In a drive to improve security by getting users to operate with just one account, Microsoft has decided to kill off its Hotmail/ 'linked accounts' feature which enables users to easily jump between their Web-based email accounts.

R.I.P. Hotmail: Outlook has officially taken over

Microsoft's Hotmail email service is no more (well, kind of; it's complicated) after sixteen years, with the company reporting that all of the former Hotmail accounts have been successfully upgraded to Outlook in just six weeks.

Microsoft: Outlook and Hotmail outage is due to overheating data center

Microsoft's data center got so hot earlier this week, it knocked Outlook, Hotmail, and SkyDrive offline for 16 hours, this according to the Microsoft Windows Services vice president.

Microsoft grappling with Hotmail, Outlook, SkyDrive disruption lasting 7+ hours

A major service disruption affecting a number of Microsoft's web-based offerings which started Tuesday night ET is continuing to cause problems. Hotmail and Outlook users have been having trouble accessing their emails, while an issue…

Bye bye Hotmail: leaves preview, gathers 60 million users in six months

Microsoft has announced that its Hotmail replacement,, has now left preview mode and is open to all. The computer giant is evidently serious about spreading the word, promising a "large-scale marketing effort around the world."

Thanks to Google Drive, Gmail users can now attach and send files up to 10GB

Gmail users can now attach and send up to 10GB of files hosted on Google Drive directly from the Gmail client.

Hotmail no more: Gmail is now the world’s most used email service

Pity poor Hotmail, finally ousted from worldwide email service control by Google's Gmail after eight years of competition.
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Skype 6.0 desktop update adds Facebook and Microsoft integration and retools for Retina Display

Skype has updated its desktop app to 6.0 to enable Facebook and Microsoft account logins, Live messaging, and merged contact lists. Mac users out there will also rejoice at the announcement of a Retina Display-ready Skype client.

Hands on with Outlook: A Webmail client for the 99 percent

Time to say your goodbyes to Hotmail, as Outlook replaces it with its sleek, simple new answer to Webmail.