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Different screens for the iOS Pandora app.

What is Pandora? Music, features and pricing explained

Pandora may be one of the OG music-streaming platforms, but this old dog has plenty of new tricks up its sleeve. Here's everything you should know about it.
Stitcher app on iPhone 14 Pro.

One of the biggest podcast apps is shutting down in August

An elven tower stands over Middle-earth in a scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Beyond Pandora: the 5 best fictional worlds in movies

Apple Music on Apple Watch

7 ways to listen to music on your Apple Watch

Spotify logo on a phone.

Spotify vs. Pandora

Spotify logo on a phone.

The best music streaming services

best deals alexa google home amazon walmart mini

‘Stream transfer’ feature moves your music around the house using Google Assistant

pandora introduces listening modes news app mem2

Pandora revamps its mobile apps with more personalization and unique content

pandora autoplay premium thumbprint radio

How to cancel Pandora Premium

spotify stations app us launch to beat pandora launches in

With U.S. launch of Stations app, Spotify aims to beat Apple to Pandora’s crown

itunes on an iPhone lifestyle image

Your Apple iTunes listening data is only worth about 8 cents, lawsuit claims

google removes medical records podcasts play search 0001

Looking for podcasts? Google lets you find and play them in its web search


SiriusXM’s Pandora Now takes a radio-style approach to play the top hits

SiriusXM launched the first cross-platform collaboration with Pandora since it purchased the popular music streaming service earlier this year. Pandora Now is a channel on both services that features the biggest hits and top trending music from Pandora, aiming to compete with pop radio channels.

Pandora to start testing A.I.-powered interactive voice ads

If you spot someone in the street talking to ads on Pandora in the coming months, then no, you’re not going mad. It's part of a trial by the music streaming service that will use interactive voice ads to encourage responses from listeners so brands can learn what elements of a product they’re most interested in.
borderlands 3 revealed 1 billon guns borderlands3

Borderlands 3 trailer comes out blazing, offers 1 billion gun combos

Gearbox Software has finally revealed Borderlands 3, the much-anticipated sequel to Borderlands and Borderlands 2. The game will feature more than 1 billion guns and more diverse environments. More information on the game will be available on the Borderlands official website April 3.

Pandora now lets you mess with the secret sauce for its music playlists

Pandora introduced a new feature called Modes, allowing subscribers to pick between six different algorithms that determine what the popular music streaming service will decide to play. From modes based on popularity to finding deeper cuts, users now have massive control over music discovery.
Google Pixel 3 review

Google Clock now also supports Pandora, YouTube Music as alarm options

Google Clock, through its version 6.1 update, finally added Pandora and YouTube Music as alarm options, following Spotify which has been supported since July. Users will now be able to choose tracks from these services to wake them up in the morning, instead of jarring sounds or annoying jingles.

Pandora Stories let artists take fans on a guided audio tour

As great as subscription music streaming services are, they can be impersonal from an artist's perspective. Pandora's new format, Pandora Stories, lets artists mix their music with narrated voice tracks, creating a personalized tour of their music, or any other topic they want to discuss.

With merger complete, SiriusXM tries to figure out what to do with Pandora

The merger between SiriusXM and Pandora, which has been in the works since September of 2018, is now complete. This means that 2019 will be the year that the combined entity will have to figure out how to make the most of the two audiences. Here's how it plans to do it.
amazon echo project red

Pandora Premium joins Alexa’s Amazon dance party today

Amazon has just upped its music game for its popular Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show smart speakers by adding a new integration that allows users to play music from Pandora Premium, the ad-free music streaming service that can now be controlled by using voice commands.
pandora launches podcast genome project podcasts crp1

Looking for a podcast? Pandora’s Podcast Genome Project is just the ticket

Pandora has created a brand new service for avid podcast listeners. Powered by what the company calls the Podcast Genome Project, the new podcast offering uses an advanced combination of algorithms and human curation to deliver the perfect podcasts for you, in much the same way it does for music discovery.

SiriusXM’s $3.5 billion purchase of Pandora just might be music to our ears

If you’re a SiriusXM listener, chances are fairly good that the vast majority of that listening happens in a car. The company is aware of this and aims to expand its customer base through a $3.5 billion deal that will see it acquire streaming service Pandora, in which it already owns a 16-percent stake.

Pandora takes aim at Spotify’s Release Radar with smart playlist The Drop

Music discovery is one of the features listeners care about most in music streaming services, and now Pandora is debuting its own answer to Spotify’s Release Radar in the form of The Drop, a weekly personalized playlist for Premium subscribers full of new music based on what they already love.
t mobile record revenue

T-Mobile partners with Live Nation, Pandora to offer customers more perks

Aside from revealing that it's reinventing its customer care service with its new 'Team of Experts,' T-Mobile made a few other announcements. Not only has the carrier partnered up with Live Nation to provide offers, but customers will also be getting a free year of Pandora Plus.

The way you listen to music is in jeopardy. Here’s how Pandora plans to survive

Pandora's Elizabeth Moody spoke with Digital Trends about the changes that need to be made in the music industry in order for streaming services like Spotify and Pandora to become profitable.
how to convert m4a files to mp3

Pandora opens its Premium features to all in exchange for watching a short ad

If you use Pandora but don't pay for Pandora Premium, you can now access many of the plan's features in exchange for watching a video ad.
apple music

The average person spends about $15 on streaming music all year

According to a recent Nielsen Music study, the average person only spends $156 a year on music, with a fraction for streaming music.
sonos pandora

You can now control Sonos smart speakers directly from the Pandora app

On the heels of Sonos' acclaimed One speaker, the company is partnering with Pandora to allow users more freedom than ever with their music.

Jam out to a ‘Hipster Brunch’ playlist with Pandora’s Featured Playlists

On Monday, Pandora announced its new Featured Playlists, which promise to "help you find the perfect jam to set the mood for any moment."
youtube paid music service march launch listening to

Pandora says bye to users in Australia and New Zealand

Pandora has said that it's about to shutter its music streaming service in Australia and New Zealand, leaving the U.S. as its only market.
pandora premium news headphones woman listening to music spotify apple cur groove play google

Pandora has a new feature for its Premium subscribers called AutoPlay

Pandora's new feature is called AutoPlay, and it "keeps the music playing so the tunes you love never need to stop."
james cameron partners with disney imagineers to bring avatar life pandora park 2

For James Cameron, exploring ‘The ‘World of Avatar’ was an actual dream come true

Beyonce holds a mic and sings.

Pandora will now suggest music stations based on emojis on Twitter

Pandora Music's Twitter account will now suggest music based on what emoji you tweet it with the #soundslike hashtag.
pandora premium news headphones woman listening to music spotify apple cur groove play google

What’s in Pandora’s box? A $10-per-month on-demand music streaming service

Pandora's taking on Spotify and others with the launch of Pandora Premium, a $10 a a month service with more than 40 million songs.