San Francisco

Lyft may join the party by putting its own electric scooters in San Francisco

As if the city doesn't already have enough of them, Lyft is reportedly looking into the idea of launching an electric-scooter service in San Francisco. Bird, Lime, and Spin launched similar services just two months ago.

Ford GoBike ebikes come to San Francisco to conquer those steep hills

Fans of bike-sharing schemes now have more ebike options if they find themselves in San Francisco. Following in the footsteps of Jump, Ford GoBike this week introduced 250 electric-powered bicycles to its fleet in the city.

Workhorse electric delivery vans are coming to San Francisco

Workhorse will send a fleet of its N-Gen electric delivery vans to the San Francisco Bay Area next month as part of a pilot program. The pint-sized N-Gen even comes with its own drone.
Smart Home

Starcity is housing San Franciscans in dorms like they’re back in college

Communal living is coming back in vogue -- or perhaps simply back into necessity -- in San Francisco, where companies like Starcity are turning large buildings into dorm rooms. Starcity has an 8,000 person waiting list.

Uber is getting into the bike-sharing game

Uber has joined forces with ebike company Jump to launch a bike-sharing pilot service in San Francisco. Using Uber's app, riders will be able to find nearby bikes and cycle for $2 per 30 minutes.

Airbnb purges half of its San Francisco listings overnight

On Wednesday, a San Francisco law requiring hosts to register their properties went into effect and many Airbnb users failed to comply. As a result, the platform nixed nearly half of the city's rental options on the site.

Waymo returns home to San Francisco, where its self-driving tests first began

After taking some time away from the West Coast, Waymo is bringing its autonomous vehicle technology back to the place it all began -- San Francisco. The self-driving Chrysler Pacific has been seen making its way around the Bay Area.
Emerging Tech

Delivery robots may not be able to roam freely about San Francisco anymore

As tickled as you may be by the prospect of having little robots deliver your Seamless meals, Amazon orders, or other little luxuries to your doorstep, San Francisco's government don't exactly share in your excitement.

After failing 3 inspections, Chariot has been suspended in San Francisco

The California Public Utilities Commission suspended Ford-owned Chariot's operating permit after it failed not one, not two, but three consecutive California Highway Patrol inspections.

Get free Wi-Fi and melatonin-laced water on Cabin, a new luxury bus

Cabin is a new bus service that's more of a boutique hotel, and for now, it's only operating between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It comes with free Wi-Fi, melatonin-laced water, and more.
Emerging Tech

San Francisco’s diminutive delivery robots trundle into trouble

Ground-based delivery robots are being tested in several locations across the U.S. However, some are suggesting they're a safety hazard, with one San Francisco official keen to take them off the streets altogether.
Emerging Tech

Taking public transportation in San Francisco is going to get even greener

The California city's BART system has adopted "aggressive guidelines" enabling the transportation system to buy more power directly from renewable sources. Thanks to the newly approved policy, the BART is going greener than ever.