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Selfie snappers, forget trying to take a picture with a bear

Despite the obvious dangers of bear selfies, people still try it. With your back turned as you edge ever closer to this glorious creature, there's no telling what might happen — as one unfortunate man in India discovered last week.

Penguins become the latest animal to capture a darn good ‘selfie’

A pair of penguins in Antarctica recently stumbled across a camera set up by an expedition member. The curious couple had a good look at the device, capturing a hilarious video selfie in the process.

With a selfie, Bitmoji Deluxe makes avatars look more like you

How do you make an avatar that looks more like you? Start with a selfie to reference. Bitmoji is making it possible with a new Deluxe mode that also adds more feature options and enhances the user interface.

Obsessive selfie-taking could point to underlying mental health issues

After a hoax coined the phrase "selfitis," researchers are beginning to look into the effects of selfie-taking on mental health. Selfitis can be associated with low-self esteem, according to the new research.
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Facebook researchers are developing animated selfies based on emoji reactions

If this new research makes it into Facebook, reacting to a selfie on Facebook could make that still photo smile. The software uses a reference video to make the still photo mimic the same expression.
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Mobile app can screen for pancreatic cancer when users snap a quick selfie

Researchers at the University of Washington developed a smartphone app that is capable of screening for pancreatic cancer by asking users to snap a quick selfie. Here is how it works.
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Having conquered Spectacles, Snapchat may move on to selling selfie drones

According to The Information, Snap is "in talks to acquire Zero Zero Robotics," a Chinese selfie drone manufacturer. Should the deal prove successful, it would be Snap's second foray into the hardware space.

This Apple selfie patent could mean group shots without the selfie stick

A new Apple selfie patent could make snapping a great selfie easy with automatic adjustments. The tech would detect if the phone is held vertically or horizontally and automatically adjust for group or single selfies.

Prisma's new Sticky app for iOS and Android turns your selfies into stickers

Sticky is a new selfie to sticker tool for the digitally (and self) obsessed generation. It's made by the team behind Prisma, and the iOS version launched today, and the Android version will follow in the coming weeks. 

Turn your selfie into an emoji via Google's new machine-learning app

Thanks to a new tool from Google, you can now apply the magic of machine learning to your face, generating a custom emoji sticker from a selfie. The feature can be found within Allo, Google's machine learning-based app.

3 things you can do to step up your selfie game

Taking a selfie might seem simple enough, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Here are three elements to keep in mind the next time you take a selfie to share on social media.

Xiaomi just released a new selfie stick that doubles as a tripod

Did you think the era of the selfie stick had come and gone? Well think again. Chinese company Xiaomi is here to prove that our narcissism doesn't have an expiration date, and that selfie sticks are still relevant in 2017.