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GE Lighting wants its smart light bulbs to help you improve your shut-eye

Jeff Patton, GE Lighting's general manager for connected home products, stops by the Digital Trends booth at CES 2018 and gives us a look at how GE is embracing the future of home technology with its smart light bulbs.

Here are 9 hot deals on a range of smart home devices

Choose wisely as you shop deals on smart home devices. You will get the most use and value in your automated home when all of the systems and devices are all compatible with each other.
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Heelight smart light bulbs listen and react to their environment

Heelight smart bulbs don't need the internet to communicate with an owner. Instead, it listens for digital sound commands coming from a companion app. Every color, mode, or brightness setting corresponds to a specific sound.
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Know how clean the air is by turning on a Philips Hue smart lightbulb

In Louisville, Kentucky, the city has launched a channel on IFTTT that can alert a number of different smart gadgets about the city's air quality. Everything from Philips Hue bulbs to a text message can help keep you safe.
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How Sengled made a smart lightbulb with zero carbon footprint

In a time when energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important, Sengled found a clever way to make its Element LED lightbulb carbon neutral, thanks to its initiative where it plants a tree for every bulb sold.
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Installing Osram Lightify smart bulbs could gift wrap your Wi-Fi password to hackers

Security researchers from Rapid7 have reported that Osram's Lightify smart light bulbs store unencrypted copies of an owner's Wi-Fi password in its application, making it easy for hackers to access anything on the network.
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The Philips Hue collection expands, white ambiance lights now available

Adding to its already impressive collection of Hue light bulbs, Philips has added a line of white ambiance bulbs which can mimic the movement of the sun. Announced in March, the bulbs are now available.
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Turn your patio any crazy color you want with iLumi’s new outdoor LED

The iLumi BR30 Outdoor is a smart LED light bulb that is rated to be protected against dust and water. That means you can change your outdoor lighting to all kinds of crazy colors.
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Get more rest: These C by GE smart LED light bulbs may help you sleep better

A better night's sleep may be a few light bulbs away. C by GE smart LED bulbs, which are now available for purchase online, adjust in color and brightness throughout the day to promote sound sleep.
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The BeOn bulb wants to help protect and serve in the event of burglars and power outages

The BeOn bulb has some neat safety and security features, like turning on when the doorbell rings, but they come in a pricey $75 package. It will be interesting to see how smart these light bulbs get.
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Philips Hue wants to dim your lights for $40 and zero installation

Renters probably don't want to mess with the wires in their apartments' switches, which is why Philips Hue offers a wireless dimmer switch. It pairs it with an LED bulb for $40.
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Turns red when you’re dead: Philips Hue bulbs sync with video game Chariot

Philips Hue wants its color-changing bulbs to be practical and fun. They now sync with video game Chariot, blinking red when you're under attack, so the game feels more immersive.
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Can’t bear to pair? The Twist light bulb plays music with Wi-Fi and AirPlay, not Bluetooth

Instead of pairing with Bluetooth like other light bulbs with speakers, the Twist light bulb is an LED light bulb that's controlled by AirPlay, so you can listen to your music over Wi-Fi.
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LEDs are gaining in popularity, a new survey finds

According to a new survey, 65 percent of Americans have purchased LED lights for their homes, and 86 percent want smart lighting technology in at least one room. With the price of LEDs dropping, this trend is likely to continue.
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Dance party in the house: A new app syncs your color-changing lights with music

Light DJ Pro is an app that creates a dance floor in your living room. It lets users customize and sync their smart light bulbs from Lifx to their music using an iPad, switching between an array of colors.