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Want your child to learn STEM skills? These 10 robotics kits can help

Hoping to pick up a robot kit for your kid so they can learn while they play? We've rounded up 10 great options, whether you're looking for something that falls under the STEM initiative or utilizes the Arduino platform.
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The pages of this book have working circuits that teach you how electronics work

Now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, Papier Machine is a book that brings together six different electronic paper toys to help your kids better understand the world of electronics.
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This 11-year-old on a mission to Mars is 2018’s ‘American Girl of the Year’

With a helping hand from NASA, American Girl's newest creation is an aspiring astronaut that could help inspire young girls to pursue STEM careers. Luciana Vega is the latest entry in the hugely popular Girl of the Year collectible dolls.
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Bored this winter? You can now build yourself a humanoid robot assistant

Ever wanted to build your very own humanoid robot? If so, and if you have access to a 3D printer and 300 hours of spare time, a new online tutorial will give you a crash course in robotics.
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How do you get kids into coding? Tynker and Parrot let them use it to fly drones

"Homework" may never be the same. Tynker and Parrot have teamed up to teach kids coding with drones that they can program to fly using an intuitive block-based language, written on tablets.
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The LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit helps kids build the droid of their dreams

The new LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit lets kids' imaginations run wild with Star Wars-themed building projects that teach the basics of circuitry. It's available August 31, starting at $100.
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Cozmo visual Code Lab makes robotics programmers out of kids

Cozmo, last year's coolest toy robot, is now easier than ever to program with the launch of Anki's visual Code Lab language. It's a built-in tool that teaches kids the fundamentals of robotics.
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Sony’s kid-focused robotics kit blurs the line between toy and teacher

Sony's Koov is a Lego-like platform that teaches kids the fundamentals of robotics, programming, and spatial puzzle solving. It's launching on IndieGogo in the U.S. ahead of retail availability.

LittleBits' Code Kit is a simple, fun way to introduce your child to coding

LittleBits' latest kit mixes an easy-to-use programming interface and quality materials to deliver an exciting experience for young tinkerers learning to code for the first time -- though it comes at a high price.
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Conductive ‘Electro Dough’ is a must-have toy for any young engineer

The latest product from educational startup Tech Will Save Us aims to show kids how the magic of electricity can help them bring their wildest creations to life. Electro Dough takes old-fashioned Play-Doh to the next level.
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Crazy Circuits are Lego-based electronics kits delivered to your door

Innovative subscription service Crazy Circuits aims to make learning about electronics as easy as building a Lego set. Here's everything you need to know about this unique new Kickstarter campaign.

Stay safe while cycling at night with the Speednite stem, now on Kickstarter

As Speednite points out on its Kickstarter, many biking accidents are related to poor or inadequate bicycle lighting devices, which is particularly concerning at night. But with Speednite, you're promised the "ultimate lighting solution"