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Alexa can now read you tweets from your Twitter timeline

Twitter has launched its very own app for Alexa-enabled devices. Amazon's virtual assistant can perform a bunch of cool Twitter-related tasks, such as reading tweets from your timeline, and trending topics.
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Study finds people don’t read the majority of news they share on Twitter

The majority of Twitter users don't bother to read the links they share on the service, claims a new study that charts the spread of viral news on the platform. The research looked at 2.8 million shares on Twitter that totalled 75 billion…

Update: Twitter will no longer count links, photos toward 140-character limit

After months of speculation and denials, Twitter has officially announced that links and photos will no longer count toward its 140-character limit on tweets. This welcomed change should prove useful for users who share photos alongside…
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Sarah Palin vows to sue Azealia Banks over Twitter comments despite apology

Sarah Palin has announced that she will take legal action against Azealia Banks over a series of profanity-laden tweets posted by the rapper. Banks has responded by issuing an unorthodox apology via her Tumblr.
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Twitter improves Apple’s digital assistant with #ThingsIWantSiriToSay

Twitter users have transformed Apple's Siri into the perfect digital assistant that offers motivational advice and stops your from drunk texting. The #ThingsIWantSiriToSay hashtag is currently trending with over 20,000 tweets and its own…
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Judge finds Chipotle’s social media policy violates labor laws

A judge has ruled in favor of a former Chipotle worker who was fired for his criticism of the fast food chain on Twitter. The ruling holds that the company's social media policy violated federal labor laws.
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Abodo lists the most and least tolerant U.S. states according to tweets

Abodo, a site that helps renters find their apartments, has looked into tolerance in America as told by tweets from various states, and some of the results aren't pretty.
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s first Oscar win was the most-tweeted Academy Awards moment ever

Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Actor win at the Oscars was the most tweeted-about Academy Awards moment ever on Twitter, generating 440,000 tweets per minute. The record was previously held by Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie from 2014.
Emerging Tech

Finally, a machine that turns tweets into cocktails

Whether or not you've wondered what tweets might taste like, a machine now exists that answers that question. Called Data Cocktail, the contraption works with recent tweets and six ingredients to knock out a drink in under a minute. What's…
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Twitter’s new timeline has arrived, here’s how you can activate it

Twitter has officially launched its new home timeline, which displays tweets based on an algorithm to show you relevant content you may have missed. Here's how you can activate the new feature.
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Twitter is considering a 10,000-character limit

Twitter is working on a new feature that may allow as many as 10,000 characters rather than the current 140-character limit. The feature may be available by the end of the first quarter.
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Adele admits her team banned her from Twitter for drunk tweeting

If you're a global superstar with millions of Twitter followers, one dodgy tweet after a boozy night out could result in a bigger-than-usual headache the next morning. Fearing just that, Adele has admitted her management team checks all her…