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From mobile games to social media platforms, we scour the Google Play Store and the App Store to find the best — and sometimes quirkiest — apps of the week. Join us every Sunday for App Attack.

Clue app main screen

With period-tracking apps, the fate of your fertility is far from clear

Fertility and period-tracking apps promise to be an easy way to keep tabs on menstrual cycles or help users become pregnant. Yet their accuracy isn’t flawless, and the consequences can be quite critical. In addition, users have to enter a lot of personal data, and it’s not always clear how apps use that information.
Food Network In the Kitchen

‘In the Kitchen’ app helps you cook using voice commands

altos odyssey launches on ios alto s 2

‘Alto’s Odyssey’ aims to amplify adventure without sacrificing serenity

A render showing the Notion app.

Notion productivity app can now turn even Android users into serial notetakers

app attack wingman

‘Wingman’ matchmaking app makes dating less dreadful for you and your friends

app attack aloe bud

It’s easy to get serious about self-care with the quirky, fun Aloe Bud app

app attack google news feature photo

The Google News App fuels your interests, provides a balanced perspective

app attack forest stay focused

Forest: Stay Focused helps keep you off your phone when work needs to be done

app attack google tasks drafts header 2

Google Tasks’ refreshing design will motivate you to complete your to-do lists

app attack namoo wonders of plant life

‘Namoo — Wonders of Plant Life’ uses immersive graphics to teach you about nature

how to use find my friends woman using smartphone

Buy a shirt, get a share. Bumped turns your purchases into investments

app attack wwf free rivers maker l date 2017 8 28 ver 5 lens kan03 act kan02 e y

WWF Free Rivers app puts a virtual landscape on any flat surface

app attack my tamagotchi forever

Get ready to spend all your time and money with ‘My Tamagotchi Forever’

This week, we have an app that turns a favorite childhood toy into a game on your smartphone. My Tamagotchi Forever -- available for both Android and iOS -- is an updated version of the classic game.
facebook lite app attack

Facebook Lite takes social media back to the basics

Apps can quickly fill up your storage on your smartphone. With Facebook Lite for Android, you'll have all the basic features you need without sacrificing as much space on your device.
app attack the sims mobile feature

‘The Sims Mobile’ puts a fun, millennial spin on a popular classic

Ever wish you could dig up some of those old PC games you spent hours playing as a kid? This week, we have an app that will bring back the nostalgia and doesn't require firing up that old desktop.
florence app attack game

‘Florence’ is a superb meditation on love from the designer of ‘Monument Valley’

Designed by the man behind Monument Valley, Florence is brief but memorable journey about falling in and out of love.
app attack doctors report

With Doctors Report, you can track which illnesses are common in your area

While the winter season brings the holidays, fun activities, and the occasional cozy snowfall, it also comes with the territory of catching a cold or virus far more easily. Doctors Report helps you track local health risks based on your location using real diagnostic data from doctors.
die with me app attack

‘Die With Me’ app will help relieve your low-battery anxiety

This week, we have an app that will help ease the pain of your device reaching its temporary demise, a little bit easier. Using chat app "Die With Me," you can talk to strangers whose smartphones are also about to die.

With Wehe, you can quickly detect net neutrality violations on your network

Using Wehe -- available for iOS and Android -- you can run tests to see if your network provider is giving different service to different applications that you use on your phone.
Google Arts and Culture

Find your doppelgänger from art history with Google’s Arts and Culture app

With the Google Arts and Culture app -- available for iOS and Android -- you can take a selfie and match with artwork that looks like you.
What the forecast

‘What the Forecast?!!’ is the honest weather app you didn’t think you needed

What the Forecast?!! is a weather app that greets you with a brutally honest description of how the weather really feels outside.
Civilization VI

‘Civilization VI’ for iPad brings the full sweep of history to your fingertips

You didn't misread that -- PC gaming giant Sid Meier's Civilization VI is available now, in its entirety, for iPad.

Keep an eye on Santa with the NORAD Tracks Santa app

This Christmas, you can keep an eye out for Santa on your smartphone -- with the NORAD Tracks Santa app for iOS and Android.
Google Appsperiments

Google’s new photography apps give your photos and videos a quirky touch

Google released three new apps built for mobile photography. We gave each one a test run to see if they're worth using. 
Reigns: Her Majesty

‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ lets you rule as Queen and slyly addresses gender roles

With Reigns: Her Majesty, you get to make important decisions that could alter your dynasty and your reputation on the throne as Queen.

Jellies makes YouTube safe for kids, allows parents to curate content

Jellies -- Safe Kids Videos is an app available for iOS, that provides a safer way to watch YouTube videos on a mobile device.
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Commune with nature in ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ for mobile

'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' is officially out for both iOS and Android. This time around, players become one with nature.
Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is the most stunning recipe app you’ll ever see

Oh She Glows is an an app that will bring out the foodie in you -- just in time for those Instagram-worthy holiday photos.
Apple Clips

Got an iPhone X? Apple’s Clips app now has a feature exclusively for you

Apple's video editing app, Clips, just got an update that brings more animated stickers and filters, but an iPhone X exclusive feature too.
Trips By Lonely Planet

Trips by Lonely Planet might turn you into a travel junkie

Trips by Lonely Planet -- available for iOS -- is an app that allows you to share your travel experiences in magazine-like form.

Text-to-speech app Spokata keeps you informed while multitasking

Spokata -- available for iOS -- uses text-to-speech to provide you with short but factual summaries of real-time news.
Mindful Powers

Mindful Powers app teaches children how to deal with stress and anxiety

Mindful Powers takes a holistic approach in helping kids become more mindful of their feelings through animation and voice-guided sessions.

Russian voice assistant Alice answers questions and has natural conversations

For this week's app, we tried Alice -- the new voice assistant from Yandex -- and found she works as well as others on the market.
Bumble Bizz

Bumble Bizz proves the traditional job hunting process is outdated

Using the same format as Bumble dating and Bumble BFF, Bumble Bizz transforms the way we find mentors, network, and connect.