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‘What the Forecast?!!’ is the honest weather app you didn’t think you needed

What the forecast
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For those of us living in areas that experience freezing temperatures, opening your weather app can ruin your day. No one really wants to know the weather is in the single digits, especially when you have no choice but to go outside in order to get to their next destination. This week, we have an app that will make checking the weather a little more pleasant — even if the laughter only lasts a few seconds.

What the Forecast?!! takes a different approach when it comes to informing you of the weather. Rather than simply displaying the temperature, you’re also greeted with a description that’s brutally honest about how it feels outside. Let’s just say it’s far more useful when it comes to picking out your clothes for the day than any other weather app will ever be.

Regardless of the level of vulgarity you’re comfortable with, it’s customizable to suit everyone. With over 7,000 phrases that range from obnoxious to hilarious. I found myself constantly refreshing the app just to see what joke would come up next. Having experienced low temperatures these past few days, these descriptions are also spot on.

When checking the weather, it’ll show you the day’s current temperature along with its high, low, and wind speeds. By scrolling up, you’ll find the forecast for the upcoming days ahead, in-depth information about the current conditions, and the hourly forecast. The more fun description of exactly how it feels outside appears in the middle.

Even though the weather app itself is basic, there are a large amount of personalization options. You can change the radius, color settings, time format, and more. There’s also the option to change the level of profanity for those who want to keep it more PG. Through your settings, you can change it from “some” profanity to “on” for the curse words and all, or you can turn it off completely.

Another feature includes voice, which will read the funny phrases out loud for you when you first open the app. To hear it again, all you need to do is tap on the screen. Under voice settings, you can alter the volume, accent, rate, and pitch. You can also bypass the mute switch so that it will still read the phrase to you even if your phone is on silent.

What the Forecast?!! is available on iOS and Android. While the app is free to download, you can also purchase the ad-free version for $2 and can add extra voices for $1.

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