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Three young women on a couch watching an old-time movie. Without goggles.

Why Apple Vision Pro will never replace your TV

Apple Vision Pro will bring people together in many ways. But it'll never replace the shared experience of watching a movie together in the same room.
Apple's Vision Pro headset.

Vision Pro durability test turns up a few surprises

Find out how it ends for Apple's new Vision Pro headset in one of the first durability tests to be carried out on the device.
Apple Vision Pro being worn by a person while using a keyboard.

Vision Pro headset proves buggy for prominent Apple tipster

The new Vision Pro headset is the buggiest first-generation Apple device that he's ever tried, prominent Apple tipster Mark Gurman said on Sunday.
A divided image shows an Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3.

The Vision Pro has at least three serious rivals in the works

Apple's Vision Pro sets a new standard, providing a well-defined target and luxury pricing that new premium VR headsets from top brands can challenge.
A profile shot shows Alan Truly wearing the Meta Quest 3.

How to connect Meta Quest 3 to PC using Air Link

When you get ready to connect your Meta Quest 3 to your PC using Air Link, we've got you covered with step-by-step instructions for doing exactly that.
A set of app icons appear against a backdrop of a lake and mountains using the Environments feature in Apple's Vision Pro headset.

The Vision Pro App Store has already tripled in size

Apple gave an update on the Vision Pro App Store, announcing that many more native apps were available than rumors suggested.
The facial interface inside the Quest 3.

How to remove the Meta Quest 3’s facial interface and clean it

Sometimes you may need to remove the Meta Quest 3's facial interface for cleaning. Luckily, it's a very quick and easy process that we'll explain here.
A person wears an Apple Vision Pro in a dim room.

I’m a VR enthusiast. Here’s why the Vision Pro doesn’t excite me

The Vision Pro is great for VR, and Apple entering the market is much-needed validation, but here's why this spatial computer doesn't excite me.
Zoom on the Apple Vision Pro.

Zoom unveils immersive app for Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Zoom has just unveiled its videoconferencing app designed especially for Apple’s Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, which launches this Friday.
A divided image shows an Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3.

Why the future of the Quest depends on the Vision Pro

Meta might not see Apple's Vision Pro as competition, but as a collaborator in pushing virtual reality technology into the mainstream.
Samsung's GDDR7 memory.

Next-gen GPU memory will achieve unheard-of speeds

Samsung may soon announce even faster GDDR7 memory, but will we see it in upcoming AMD and Nvidia graphics cards?
Eve kneeling with her sword.

PlayStation State of Play, January 2024: How to watch and what to expect

Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin headline the January 31 State of Play. Here's what you need to know about that show before tuning in.
A woman wearing the Vision Pro on a flight.

Apple shares new Vision Pro ad just days before launch

Just days from launch, Apple has dropped a new Vision Pro ad showing the mixed-reality headset being used in a variety of settings.
You Asked Feature Ep 20

You Asked: Samsung QD-OLED conundrum, ATSC 3.0, and audio outputs

This week on You Asked: Why don't TVs have more dedicated audio outputs? And what is up with ATSC 3.0?
A person wearing the Apple Vision Pro overlaid on a screenshot of Half-Life: Alyx.

Can the Vision Pro play VR games?

Apple's Vision Pro has the power of a computer, making it a high-performance VR headset, but will it get any VR games and are any available at launch?
Apple Vision Pro being worn by a person while using a keyboard.

Does the Vision Pro require a computer or phone?

The Apple Vision Pro sounds like an awesome device, but is it usable right out of the box or do you need to connect it to a Mac or iPhone?
A mixed reality view of the Apple Vision Pro App Store.

All the apps that will be available for the Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro arrives soon but what apps will it come with, what apps and games will be available in the visionOS App Store?
The feet of someone walking on Disney's Holotile technology.

Disney just reinvented the VR treadmill, and it looks amazing

Disney just demonstrated a breakthrough that could solve one of the biggest problems of virtual reality, moving around in the real-world.
Apple's Vision Pro headset.

Apple plans ‘living room’ atmosphere for Vision Pro demos

More details have emerged about how Apple is expected to present its Vision Pro headset to customers when it lands in stores in less than two weeks' time.
A woman wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Vision Pro discount for Apple employees not so generous

Apple staff will be offered a discount on the company's new Vision Pro headset, though it's not as generous as the one it offered on other Apple gear.
A woman wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The 4 biggest concerns I still have about the Vision Pro

Apple's Vision Pro mixed-reality headset is receiving some backlash after user's first impressions
A hand holding the RTX 4090 GPU.

How to check your VRAM — how much GPU memory do you have?

As games get bigger and more demanding, you need more VRAM to run them, so you need to know how to check your VRAM. Follow along to find out.
A divided image shows an Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3.

Yet another serious competitor to the Vision Pro takes shape

With the Apple Vision Pro arriving in weeks, LG confirms a new XR headset, possibly in partnership with Meta.
A person wears an Apple Vision Pro headset. Their eyes are visible through the front of the device.

This is what Apple’s in-store Vision Pro demo will likely be like

Apple is about to launch the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset and is keen for interested folks to sign up for an in-store demonstration.
ces wasnt ready for vision pro asus air 2 01

CES wasn’t ready for the Vision Pro

The Vision Pro is just around a month away, but CES didn't show many promising alternatives in the works.
A screenshot from Apple's Vision Pro ad released in January 2024.

Watch Apple’s new ‘Get Ready’ ad for its Vision Pro headset

A new ad for the Vision Pro has landed just hours after Apple announced that the mixed-reality headset will officially launch early next month.
RayNeo X2 Lite AR glasses are slim and lightweight.

Google Glass is back? In spirit, yes

An advanced AR company have brought an impressive new pair to CES 2024 to revive the Google Glass dream.
Xreal Air 2 Ultra AR glasses feature depth sensors.

Xreal brings spatial computing to a pair of AR glasses

Xreal's Air 2 Ultra AR glasses have spatial computing for hand-tracking and 3D mapping of your room, but that advanced technology isn't cheap.
A woman dives into action with the Meta Quest 2.

Meta Quest 2 is back at its Black Friday price, permanently

The price of the Meta Quest 2 has been permanently slashed to just $249 for the 128GB model. Now's your chance to dive into virtual reality for much cheaper.
Elvis in lights.

Another dead music legend is about to get the hologram treatment

Elvis Presley is the latest deceased artist set to return to the stage in digital form, with shows planned for London, Las Vegas, Berlin, and Tokyo.
Apple Vision Pro's spatial computing could make it easier to work from home.

Spatial computing went public this year, but the true test is ahead

In 2023, Apple announced its first spatial computer, Meta wowed us with mixed-reality gaming, and smart glasses improved -- 2024 will be even better.
oculus quest review lifestyle 5

The best VR apps for 2023

Immerse yourself in some of the most unique experiences that Virtual Reality has to offer with this list of the best VR apps available today.
Apple's Vision Pro headset.

Apple is about to begin mass shipments of Vision Pro, report says

Apple will begin mass shipments of its Vision Pro headset next week before launching it in late January or early February, a new report claims.
A product shot of the Meta Quest 3 shown in dramatic lighting over a gradient background.

The best games on Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 is the most powerful VR headset on the market, but what are the best games to test it out? These are the games you should dive into first.