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Slack is down

Be at your most productive with these Slack tips and tricks

Most people have had at least one job where they've used Slack for touching base with coworkers, but how can you get most out of your Slack experience? From customizing your notifications to posting gifs and custom emojis, these tips will allow you to take your Slack skills to the next level.
jeanne lewis interview dt daily capsure

Capsure CEO Jeanne Lewis talks about preserving the world’s memories

Co-founder and CEO of Capsure Jeanne Lewis joined Greg Nibler on DT Daily to discuss cataloging your family history through Capsure, and how the new photosharing app combines these memories in a digital format that is accessible for every member of your family and anyone else you grant access.
john oates interview dt daily

DT Daily: John Oates, custom cars, and DT’s latest show

Greg Nibler sat down with musician John Oates, as well as Tim Walbridge, founder of 503 Motoring, to talk cars, Oates' custom 356 Porsche, and DT's latest show, Behind the Wheel. Oates is featured on episode two of the Walbridge-led show, which is available for streaming now.
bianca de la garza interview

Beauty company CEO talks about link between social media, empowerment

Our very own Brenda Stolyar sat down with Bianca de la Garza, CEO of Bianca de la Garza Beauty, on today's episode of DT Daily to discuss social media and how a willingness to accept new technology can be beneficial to your creative and professional pursuits.
episode 8 dt daily 11 1

DT Daily: Foldable smartphones, the future of Apple Music, and BlizzCon

Greg Nibler sat down with Caleb Denison, DT senior editor, to talk foldable smartphones and the future of music, particularly when it comes to an industry giant like Apple Music. We were also joined by rap artist Goon des Garcons, who explained the inspiration behind his Elon Musk-inspired music video.
cedric hudson intervew dt daily

We talk technology and culture with apparel designer Cedric Hudson

Digital Trend's Greg Nibler sat down with Cedric Hudson, senior apparel designer for Adidas, on today's episode of 'DT Daily' to discuss the role music and technology play in Hudson's work and how playing with model cars as a kid led him to start a career in shoe design.

Former Nike shoe designer finds community in coffee

What do coffee and sneakers have in common? Apparently a lot! Digital Trend's Greg Nibler sat down with Deadstock Coffee founder Ian Williams at DT Daily to talk coffee and shoes, which both find a home at Deadstock's sneaker-themed cafe in downtown Portland, Oregon.
dt daily duncan ironmonger interview 12e8109429fa909fd24dd6d1d775f295

Scuf Gaming reinvents controllers with paddles, new features

Today on 'DT Daily,' Gaming Dditor Felicia Miranda was joined by Scuf Gaming CEO Duncan Ironmonger to talk controllers. Scuf Gaming creates customizable controllers that aim to increase hand use by allowing users to easily modify aspects like the length of thumb sticks or triggers.
episode 1 smart glasses

Revamped ‘DT Daily’ goes bicoastal with the latest tech talk

The new-and-improved 'DT Daily' kicked off in its first live stream. We talked phone cameras, Elon Musk, food delivery by drones, and more. We also welcomed Ben Lee and Quinn Slocum, two entrepreneurs on the forefront of online marketing and branding, to our brand-new studios in Portland and New York.
how to get more followers on Instagram Instagram login screen

How to get more followers on Instagram

Do you want to be Instagram famous? Want people other than your family to see your posts? Here, we outline a few tips and tricks for gaining a sizable following on Instagram, whether you intend to do so using an assortment of hashtags, cross promotion, or something else entirely.
twitter q1 2018 report on mobile phone new

How to get followers on Twitter

There's a fine line between building your brand and looking desperate on Twitter, but it can be walked. From picking the right photos and using hashtags, to knowing when to tweet, there plenty of things to consider when you're looking to gain followers. Here are a few of our suggestions.
what are scam likely phone calls image

Who is ‘Scam Likely,’ and why are you receiving calls from them?

Robocalls are annoying to say the least, but did you know that your smartphone might actually be working to protect you from these calls without your knowledge? Here, we lay out the reason as to why you're receiving calls from "Scam Likely," and how the feature operates on T-Mobile devices.
Stranger Things theories

Some of the best (and weirdest) ‘Stranger Things’ theories for season 3

If the wait for season 3 of Netflix's runaway hit is unbearable, mulling over some of these Stranger Things theories may take the edge off. From who will die next to a potential crossover with one of Stephen King's greatest works, here's what some diehards are currently debating online.
How to get followers on Tumblr

How to get followers on Tumblr

What's the point of a blog if no one is listening, or in most cases, looking? Lucky for you, we've put together an extensive guide to gaining popularity on Tumblr. Whether you're looking to drive up engagement via hashtags, cross-linking, or reblogging, there are plenty of ways to go about it.
Snapchat Snap Map

How to turn off Snapchat’s location-based Snap Map

Snap Map is an opt-in feature for Snapchat, one that allows users to access public posts uploaded to Our Story. But did you know that by enabling it, Snapchat may be sharing your location with others whenever you open the app? Here's how to turn it off, whether you opted in by mistake or not.
macbook pro 15 walkthrough 2018

What changed on Apple’s new MacBook Pro (and why you’ll care)

Apple's top-of-the-line MacBook Pro 15 can be configured with so many options you can quickly drive its price over $6,000. We'll walk you through all the features on the new MacBook Pro 15, and go over what changed (and what didn't) since last year's model in our walkthrough video.
nikon d3300 vs d3400 front left angle 800x534 c  1

Nikon D3300 vs. D3400: Which is the better entry-level camera?

Despite nearly two years separating the Nikon D3300 and the D3400, these solid entry-level cameras are surprisingly similar. However, there are a few key differences between the two models that may influence which you end up buying. We'll break it down for you.
are android devices really insecure we asked some experts businessman holding htc phone

Automate tasks in Android to put your digital life on autopilot

Automation can make your hectic life a bit easier, and you don't have to be a computer programmer to learn out to do it. Using Automate, a free automation app on the Play Store, we'll walk through the basics of automation and show you how to backup your Snapseed photos to Google Drive.
whatsapp business app phone feature

How to spot spam in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a serious problem on its hands. Users of the popular messaging app, which can be used to send messages to users around the globe, may have noticed a deluge of spam flooding their inboxes recently. But how do you distinguish the hoaxes from the legit offers? Here are a few pointers.
fortnite twitch streamer valkyrae interview e3 2018 image 2

Twitch streamer Valkyrae talks ‘Fortnite,’ provides tips at E3 2018

The Fornite Pro-Am was one of the biggest events at E3 2018. Prior to the tournament, we spoke with Twitch streamer Valkyrae about the popular title, and how it feels to compete against some of the biggest names in gaming. She also offered some tips for first-time gamers looking to leave their mark.
Apple companies header

The biggest Apple disappointments, flops, and failures

With Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference officially coming to a close, we decided to look back some of the biggest Apple flops and failures throughout the company's storied history. From port omissions to botched product launches, here are some instances of good ideas gone bad.
what is prime now amazon day packages

Here’s how much Amazon Prime costs and how you can get it for cheaper

Besides free shipping, Amazon Prime offers a plethora of exclusive benefits, including access to Prime Video and Twitch. But how much does the service actually cost to use? From discounts if you're a student to limited memberships if you just want to watch videos, here's how to get Amazon Prime for the lowest cost.
worst internet trends tide pods header

The worst internet trends of 2018, 2017, and beyond

The internet is an interesting platform. It can facilitate large-scale discussions, connect loved ones, and provide hours of entertainment. But it has also inspired some of the ludicrous trends, from eating laundry soap to feather eyebrows. Here are some of the worst offenders.
which iphone has the best camera coffee photo

From the 6S Plus to the X, how much did the iPhone camera improve?

Think your iPhone 8 captures better photos than the newly-launched X? We put four of the latest iPhones through a variety of photography tests, allowing us to see just how much Apple's camera technology has improved since the launch of the iPhone 6S in late 2015.
how to update itunes

Apple Music: How to cancel your subscription

For folks who own an Apple product, an Apple Music subscription is the best of both worlds, allowing you to listen to music alongside those songs you've already purchased and downloaded. But sometimes it makes more sense to cut ties with the service. Here's how to cancel your Apple Music subscription.
5 practical uses elon musks impractical flamethrower the boring company v2 jpg

Terms and conditions for Elon Musk’s Not-A-Flamethrower are just ridiculous

With Elon Musk's brainchild set to ship at an undisclosed date in the near future, the Boring Company has sent out the official terms and conditions for the aptly titled Not-a-Flamethrower, which are about as ridiculous as the entire idea of a consumer-oriented flamethrower.
how to get imessages in android pexels photo 914931

How to get iMessages in Android

Unlike previous apps that have tried to bring iMessage to the Android platform, WeMessage uses the power of the Mac to direct messages to your phone via Apple's servers. All you need to do is download the WeMessage app and tweak a few of your computer's settings to get started.
DeLonghi EC685 review

DeLonghi EC685 Dedica review

The DeLonghi EC685, which utilizes both fresh grounds and ESE pods, is a convenient way to brew solid espresso at home. While the flavor might not be as robust for the coffee connoisseur who prefers café-style beverages, this counter-saving device is an affordable, easy-to-use option for those looking to add an espresso machine to their collection of appliances.

The best Star Wars toys for the tech-focused fan

In celebration of May 4, we rounded up our favorite tech-focused toys from the iconic sci-fi franchise. From drones and lightsabers to augmented reality devices that allow you to channel your inner Jedi right in your living room, these toys are sure to please fans and newcomers alike.
samsung galaxy note 9 vs apple iphone x 1

We put the last 4 iPhones through a battery beatdown

The iPhone X might be Apple's latest flagship, but how does the smartphone's battery life compare to that of its predecessors? To find out, we pitted the X against the iPhone 6S Plus, 7 Plus, and 8 Plus, allowing us to quickly determine which iPhone actually showcases the best battery life.
best 3d printed houses 180328 house se 1226p 1baf81725e8af91473e62309ccf9a1dc focal 1000x500

These awesome 3D printed houses offer a glimpse into the future of construction

3D printing is already starting to revolutionize major industries, including art and prosthetics. Next on that list: Architecture. From the dry heat of Texas to the frigid snows of Minnesota and Russia, these are the coolest 3D-printed houses out there that rely on a variety of printers.

Battery battle: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs. iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, and more

David Cogen of TheUnlockr put six of the best phones to the test to see which one has the longest-lasting battery. How will the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus compare?
coolest buildings on earth hydar 3 720x480 c

Great heights and spectacular sights: The 17 coolest buildings on Earth

Humans have built structures large and small across our planet, some of which are more magnificent than others. Here are 17 of the coolest buildings you'll ever lay eyes on, from the frigid regions of Svalbard, Norway, to the cliffside of Brazil's Guanabara Bay.
samsung galaxy s9 review

The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have arrived. Here’s what you should know

The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus come loaded with new features and capabilities, some of which are more integral than others. Thankfully, our walkthrough sheds some light on each of them.