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jerry kolber on dt live poster for 6001309653001

Digital Trends Live: LinkedIn Live, electric motorcycles, and ‘Brainchild’

Episode 64 of Digital Trends Live saw trending headlines like Samsung's Unpacked Event and LinkedIn Live. We were also joined by Jerry Kolber to talk about his production company's latest show, Brainchild, which aims to make learning about science really fun for kids.
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Digital Trends Live: Instacart tips, Fownders, and ‘Lifeboat’

On episode 62 of Digital Trends Live we discussed trending topics like Jeff Bezos accusing the National Enquirer of blackmail, and welcomed two special guests to the show: Filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald, and Gerard Adams, the founder of Elite Daily.
episode 61 dt live 2 6 19

Digital Trends Live: Facebook Messenger change, GoNation, and more

On episode 61 of Digital Trends Live, we discussed new Facebook messenger features and the future of surveillance technologies in our homes. We also welcomed two special guests, Chaz Tanase of GoNation and Dan Ferguson of Groove Jones, to the show.
episode 59 2 dt live 1 19

Digital Trends Live: Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors, SheWorx, and more

On Episode 59 of Digital Trends Live, we talked about the latest Galaxy S10 rumors and sat down with Lisa Wang, founder and CEO of SheWorx, a company empowering women in entrepreneurial roles. Ryan Waniata also joined the show to talk about the latest in streaming.
dt live episode 56 1 29 19

Digital Trends Live: FaceTime bug, Instagram outages, and VR for businesses

On episode 56 of Digital Trends Live, we discussed such topics as criminal charges against Huawei, Instagram outages, and a FaceTime bug that allows callers to listen in on your device. We also sat down with Lyron Bentovim, CEO of The Glimpse Group, to discuss how businesses are using AR and VR.
episode 52 dt live 1 23

Digital Trends Live: Double-folding phones, the best gaming laptops, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we discuss trending headlines like Apple AirPods 2 rumors and how a social credit system in China is encouraging its citizens to shame their neighbors. We were also joined by Calvin Iverson of TravelPirates to talk about tips for traveling cheaply.
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Digital Trends Live: Oscar nominations, the future of blockchain, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we discussed Oscar nominations for the Netflix film Roma and the latest Spotify features. We were also joined by journalist Rachel Wolfson to talk about the future of cryptocurrency and how the technology is poised to go mainstream.
episode 49 dt live 1 17

Digital Trends Live: New Motorola flip phone, ads in space, smart umbrella

On Thursday's episode of Digital Trends Live, we discussed the return of a Motorola flip phone, and the possibility of billboards in space. We also sat down with CEO of Weatherman, Rick Reichmuth to talk about how his company's smart umbrellas are tackling the weather.
ces day two 2

Digital Trends Live: Highlights from day 2 of CES 2019 outline future of tech

For day two of CES 2019, Digital Trends welcomed guests like Joel Liefke, the business director of portfolio and solutions at Microsoft, and Josh Newman, the general manager of mobile PC innovation at Intel, to discuss the future of computing at our temporary studio in Las Vegas.
episode 45 2 dt live jan 3

Digital Trends Live: CES 2019, Chromecast security flaws, and more

On Thursday's episode of Digital Trends Live, we discussed trending topics from a Chromecast hack to the FCC approving the use of radar controls in smart devices. CEO of Affect Change Jason Neubauer also joined the show, and PR guru Jeff Barrett talked about technology trends for the new year.
episode 44 dt live 12 28

Digital Trends Live: ‘Bandersnatch,’ Brianna Perry, and Origin PC unboxing

On the final 2018 episode of Digital Trends Live, we welcomed rapper Brianna Perry to talk about her debut album, Fortune Cookie. We also discussed trending topics like Netflix's new choose-your-own-adventure film, and Greg Nibler and Matt Smith unboxed three origin computers.
episode 43 dt live

Digital Trends Live: Deepak Chopra, record Alexa sales, and data security

On episode 43 of Digital Trends Live, we sat down with author Deepak Chopra to talk about his latest Alexa skill. We also discussed rumors coming out of this year's Consumer Electronic Show, and Dominique Courbin of Limbitless and Giri Sreenivas of Helm joined the show.
episode 42 dt live 12 21

Digital Trends Live: Bad passwords, a new iPad Mini, and dating with blockchain

Episode 42 of Digital Trends Live saw worst passwords of 2018, and we welcomed Adryenn Ashley, CEO and founder of blockchain dating app Loly to the show. Chef Sara Woods also visited our Portland studio to show us how to make a delicious gluten-free chocolate almond roulade.
best movies on Netflix The Nightmare Before Christmas

The best Christmas movies available to stream, from ‘Home Alone’ to ‘Scrooged’

When the weather outside is frightful, you'll have an excuse to stay in and stream this winter. We've rounded up the best Christmas movies currently streaming on popular services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Starz. From It's a Wonderful Life to Scrooged, you'll find some classics.
episode 40 dt live 12 19

Digital Trends Live: Rollable TVs from LG and the future of A.I.

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we discussed tech news from an A.I. that can create realistic portraits of people that don't exist as well as the rumored rollable OLED TV from LG. We were also joined by guests Ryan Chin and Ryan Welsh and Greg Nibler unboxed a Battl Box.
elon musk announces free rides in first boring company tunnel pod

DT Live: Boring Company demo, plant-robot hybrids, and 2018 advances

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we discussed the first partially organic robot, as well as some milestones for cars and robotics over the last year. We were also joined by Alana Mitchell of Skincare by Alana to talk about how technology is being used by her company to provide results.
virgin galactic test flights will start year spaceshiptwo

Digital Trends Live: Passenger spacecraft, Facebook data breach, and more

Episode 37 of Digital Trends Live was packed full of trending headlines like the latest Virgin Galactic test launch to a new Facebook data breach. We were also joined by actress Holly Fields, Michael Reitblat, the CEO of fraud protection platform Forter, and Scott Cohen from Samsung.
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Digital Trends Live: Marshawn Lynch, Netflix streaming data, and more

Trending headlines on today's show include new Netflix streaming data, as well the end of the Nintendo Classic Editions (at least for now). We were also joined in our Portland Studio by Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch to talk about his Fam 1st Family Foundation.
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon

DT Live: Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run, Google+ data breach, and more

This episode of Digital Trends Live saw a sneak peek for the Stars War-themed Disneyland expansion, as well as more information about the latest Google+ breach. We were also joined by special guests Luke Hopkins of Body Glove, and affiliated Twitch streamer, Fuslie.
gee staughton interview foodie gift guide feat

HouseSpecial animation team brings DT’s Holiday Gift Guide to life with miniatures

Greg Nibler welcomed HouseSpecial's Gee Staughton to Digital Trends Live to talk about how the animation company helped create this year's stunning Holiday Gift Guide. Images featured in the guide include tiny handmade miniatures and life-sized pieces of tech in whimsical scenes.
digital trends live 12 6 18 episode 31 2 poster for 5976432589001

Digital Trends Live: Alexa updates, Uber’s self-driving cars, and more

Amazon Alexa updates, Uber's self-driving cars, and the best streaming services highlighted Thursday's episode of Digital Trends Live. We also welcomed The Nintendo Power Couple, Danny Pytell and Felia Mano, and Kelly Dachtler from OB/VS to our studios in New York and Portland.
Waymo One

Digital Trends Live: Self-driving cars, ocean exploration, and holiday shopping

Wednesday's episode of Digital Trends Live saw the launch of the U.S.'s first revenue generating self-driving car service, and Liz Dunn from Pro4ma joined the show to talk about trends in holiday shopping, particularly when it comes to shopping in physical stores versus online.
spacex latest falcon 9 rocket launch set multiple records december 2018

Digital Trends Live: First 5G phone, Batcole Foundation, and a new data breach

Tuesday on Digital Trends Live, we discussed the future of 5G and not falling victim to "breach fatigue" in the wake of the Quora data breach. We were also joined by Katie Linendoll from the Batcole Foundation to discuss how distraction technology can be used to help pediatric cancer patients.
GearClub Unlimited

Digital Trends Live: Alexa-enabled Billy Bass, ‘Gear.Club Unlimited 2,’ and more

Greg Nibler talked about some of the latest tech news on Digital Trends Live, from an Alexa-enabled Billy Bass to the future of the Boring Company's latest project. We also welcomed Chris Rosario to talk about Gear.Club Unlimited 2 and DT Live veteran Ian Williams joined us from Tokyo, Japan.
Youtube on mobile.

Digital Trends Live: YouTube Premium and drones that fly forever

While the future of YouTube Premium may be on shaky ground, we sat down with two guests with high hopes. Laura Major of CyPhy discussed the many benefits of tethered drones, and Ben Lee of Rootstrap talked about maintaining a competitive edge in the digital world.
apple music ola partnership phone

Digital Trends Live: Marriott data breach, Android Auto, and more

Today on DT Live, we discussed the Marriott data breach, and changes to Apple Music's availability. DT's editor-in-chief Jeremy Kaplan also expressed his concerns regarding Android Auto, and we sat down with filmmaker Pete Williams to talk about his first feature film about social entrepreneurs.
dt live franco brockelman interview

Digital Trends Live: Releaf app gives cannabis patients comfort via knowledge

Greg Nibler sat down with Franco Brockelman to discuss how Releaf is providing personalized care for patients using cannabis to treat their symptoms. Without a one-size-fits-all approach to medicinal cannabis, Releaf is striving to make information about marijuana more accessible.
nasa insight lander mars buried mole mission roundup

DT Live: NASA landing, gene-edited babies, and cloud-connected notebooks

From NASA spacecraft on Mars to the first gene-edited babies born in China, we discussed the latest tech news on Tuesday's episode of DT Live. We were also joined by presidential candidate Andrew Yang to talk about the benefits of universal income, as well as the founders of the first cloud-connected notebook.

DT Daily: PlayStation 5 rumors, Kroger food robots, and the future of A.I.

From trending topics like a possible PlayStation 5 release date, to a new type of AI from Microsoft that looks straight out a science fiction movie, a lot happened today on DT Daily. We also sat down with the CEO of Blockchain Development Co. Eric Lamison-White to discuss his Stablecoin patent.
Microsoft Surface Studio 2

DT Daily: Google Pixel Night Sight, Surface Studio 2, and Netflix at half price

On yet another live episode of DT Daily, we're joined by comedian Craig Conant via Skype to talk about his career in stand-up comedy and Luke Larsen and Will Hawkins gave us a hands-on demo of the new Surface Studio 2, the Mac-killing Microsoft computer we've been waiting for.
social media moderation holding phone

How to appear offline on Facebook

Sometimes it's nice not to feel like everyone can see your every move when you're using social media. Here, we walk you through the process of appearing offline on Facebook, whether you want to do so using your computer, the official Facebook app, or Facebook Messenger.

Dyne sits at the intersection of fashion and technology, creative director says

Greg Nibler was joined by Chris Bevans, creative director at Dyne, to talk about how the luxury sportswear company is approaching the use of technology. Rather than only using technology to create its products, Dyne is also using tech to solve problems on the retail side of things.
ben diatz interview dt daily

Num Pang Chef Ben Daitz talks offers for successful collaborations

Host Brenda Stolyar was joined by chef Ben Daitz of Num Pang Kitchen in New York today on DT Daily to talk about the Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant's latest collaboration and the secret to a successful mash up, whether you're working with an established company or a celebrity.

Westward Distillery weighs in on the best American single malt whiskey

Host Greg Nibler was joined by Food & Drink editor at the Manual, Sam Slaughter, and Brand Advocate for Westward Distillery Jordan Lewis on DT Daily to talk about The Manual Spirit Awards, and what makes a spirit like the Westward American Single Malt Whiskey rise above the rest.