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Matt Safford

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Matt Safford began accumulating electronics experience as a child with his Mattel Aquarius and Tandy TRS-80 (Model 4) computers. He built his first PC in 1996, and has spent the last several years covering consumer technology and geek culture for Computer Shopper, PC Magazine, Wired, and Popular Science. His other interests include politics, human evolution, comedy podcasts, and abrasive electronic music. Matt's Android device reports that he has trekked more than 5,000 miles through the streets in and around New York City. He hasn't yet grown sick of the urban scenery, but he would like to log a few hundred more miles in the Scottish Highlands. You can follow him on Twitter @mattsafford.

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Epson Moverio BT-200 review

With Google Glass on the backburner, Epson’s Moverio BT-200 is one of the few augmented reality platforms you can currently buy. It’s a novel way to watch Netflix, but does it have broader potential?
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We review HP’s versatile, aluminum-clad business tablet. Can a slew of accessories help this Atom-powered device stand out in a world of more powerful do-it-all devices?
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HTC Desire Eye review

We review HTC’s Desire Eye. Its 13-megapixel front-facing camera makes it great for selfie enthusiasts, but those who just want an attractive, powerful mid-range phone should also take a closer look.
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Meta M1 Core review

We review Meta’s M1 Core, a smartwatch built by watchmakers, rather than consumer-electronics heavyweights.
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Samsung Chromebook 2 review

Samsung’s $249 Intel Bay Trail-powered Chromebook 2 sports excellent input devices and audio, but can Chrome run smoothly on just 2GB of RAM?

Hands on: A ‘watchband’ hinge lets Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro flex with flash

If you’re in the hunt for a high-end laptop that also doubles as a tablet, the Yoga 3 Pro could be one of the best options out there.