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Riva Audio Turbo X Bluetooth Speaker Review

End your search: Riva's Turbo X is the best portable Bluetooth speaker out there.
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Nexus 6P users report microphone issues during calls, Google is on it

If you own a Nexus 6P and have had a caller tell you that they can’t hear you well, your problem is shared by other users and acknowledged by Google. The issue may be linked to the device’s noise cancellation functionality.

Users reporting charging woes with the iPad Pro and the Nexus 5X

Owners of both the iPad Pro and Nexus 5X are complaining of charging issues that prevent the devices from having responsive screens. Apple is currently investigating the issues, though Google has yet to issue a comment.
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OnePlus X Review

The OnePlus X is cheap, fast and gorgeous. So why can't we recommend it?

Google's Play Store may finally return to China in 2016

Google wants to have a presence in China again with the possible launch of the Google Play Store in the country next year. According to Reuters, Google will comply with Chinese law on filtered content.

Accident prone? Don’t worry: OnePlus brings its warranty program to the U.S. and Canada

Accident prone? Have no fear, OnePlus is offering an extended warranty program so you can protect your device from problems ranging from manufacturer defects, drops, and cracks.

Samsung made an Android flip phone with two screens called the W2016

If you miss snapping your phone shut to punctuate the end of a phone call, never fear, as Samsung is hoping to bring the clamshell back with its W2016 smartphone. It features fast-charging, dual displays, and the classic key-pad.

LG cancels LTE Watch Urbane launch due to complicated hardware issue

LG's follow-up to the Watch Urbane, with its own SIM card and 4G LTE, so it can be used entirely independently of your phone, has had its launch canceled due to a complicated technical issue. Currently, it's unknown whether it will ever be…

The Pepsi phone is real, and here’s what it looks like

The Pepsi P1 smartphone will go on sale in China later this year, Pepsi said. It's the beverage conglomerate's first branded Android smartphone, and it features Pepsi's signature logo.

Google Fit updates to give you real-time stats and track your strength training

The new Google Fit update is rolling out and can track strength training with pushups, situps, and squats. The app can now also pull data from various other fitness and nutrition apps.
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Google's 'Friends Furever' ad just became the most shared ad of all time

Google's "Friends Furever" ad, which is a part of its "Be together. Not the same" campaign, has been shared more than 6.4 million times. Microsoft's ad with Robert Downey Jr. also ranked in the top 10 list of most-shared ads.