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Check out the best Lenovo laptops, as rated by Digital Trends’ expert reviewers.

Lenovo was founded in 1984, but most people in the United States had never heard of them before 2005, when the company acquired IBM’s personal computing business.

Its Chinese origins quickly lead to some off-colored remarks about quality (and other things), but in the seven years since the acquisition, Lenovo has managed to both sustain and build upon the business it inherited from IBM. The company is today among the world’s largest laptop manufacturers.

Lenovo is known for some products with excellent design (such as the IdeaPad U series) and for products that provide excellent value (like the IdeaPad Y series). ThinkPad is the business line and it includes a number of durable, portable choices. Laptops in this brand place a priority on function rather than form and are famous for their excellent keyboards.

Our best Lenovo laptops list is continually updated as we review new products that enter the market.

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