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Cool Tech

Ease into 3D printing with the da Vinci Mini, a device that won’t break the bank

Looking for a 3D printer that won't break the bank? You ought to be looking at the da Vinci Mini., a 21st century device that costs less than $300. If you're looking to create chess pieces or other items of the same size, this may just do…
Cool Tech

Friendly educational robot designed to help kids with autism

Robots could be used help kids diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to a new research project carried out jointly by a university and a robotics startup. Here's how it works.

Coros’ smart cycling helmet doubles as a pair of bone conduction headphones

Want to listen to tunes, track your ride, and still stay alert to stay alive? The Coros Linx cycling helmet uses bone conduction to let riders hear the world around them as well as music, navigation, and ride stats.

Forget Asimov's Three Laws, the U.K. issues official ethics guidance on robots

Forget Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics -- the British Standards Institution, which is the U.K.’s national standards body, has just produced its first set of official ethical robot guidelines.

Watch GoPro’s Karma and Hero5 launch video

GoPro fans won't have to wait much longer to take flight -- the company is making an announcement about its Karma drone on September 19. You can watch the live-stream here.

The latest player in the self-driving car game? Oxford University’s Oxobotica

Move over, big business -- academia is here to join the fray. Proving just how ubiquitous smart car technology has truly become, Oxford University's Mobile Robotics Group, Oxbotica, is now staking its claim in the autonomous car territory.

Microsoft hits another milestone in speech-recognition software accuracy

If you’re fed up with chatbots mishearing you, Microsoft may be here to help. Its researchers have achieved an impressively low error rate for speech recognition software -- just 6.3 percent, according to a paper published last week.
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What do 2 million stars look like? Europe’s space agency just gave us a map

The European Space Agency released the largest ever full-sky survey of celestial objects yesterday. The release is the first batch of more than one billion stars that the agency hopes to catalog using its Gaia satellite in the coming year.

Quantum computing will make your PC look like a graphing calculator

infried Hensinger likes Star Trek. “It goes all the way back to primary school,” said the director of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies in England. “I wanted to be science officer on the Enterprise, so I worked…
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Watch a steam-powered rocket fire stuntman Eddie Braun over a canyon

A steam-powered rocket has just fired stuntman Eddie Braun over an Idaho canyon. The rocket was pretty much identical to the one legendary daredevil Evel Knievel used in his failed effort to pull off the same feat back in 1974.

Oxbotica's robotic brain finds its way into driverless vehicles in the U.K.

Oxbotica, a spinoff group from Oxford University, is developing driverless technology in the U.K. The company aims to implement its tech in numerous applications, including cars, taxis, forklifts, and driverless pods.

Lumens, watts, and lightbulbs: Know the facts before you buy

Watts and lumens -- they both describe light bulbs, but do you know what they actually mean? Did you know that wattage is no longer a reliable way to tell how bright a bulb is? Here's a breakdown of the two measurements, and what they mean…