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Cool Tech

There’s Peeple the product and Peeple the app, and they’re really, really different

It's a classic case of mistaken identity -- two tech products, one name: Peeple vs. Peeple. And if this horrible, horrible coincidence isn't enough to send you to the trademark office STAT, then nothing will ever seem urgent ever again.
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NASA combines flight sims with real-world flying in crazy new ‘Fused Reality’ tests

NASA is testing Fused Reality, a training system that uses real-world video and virtual reality, allowing pilots to fly an actual plane through a flight simulation program.
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Disney’s new 3D printed skin makes robots softer and safer for children

Disney hopes to improve robots with a new soft skin and soft touch system that'll bring the lovable and huggable qualities of Betamax to toy robots around the world.

Two years of research led to a discovery that could change Li-ion batteries forever

Research carried out by a team at Stanford University has disproven an, until now, industry accepted science. A previously disregarded material inside Li-Ion batteries could be the key to faster charging times and greater efficiency.
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This hotel lets you ‘spend a night in space’ with new moon-themed rooms

Like hotels? Love space? Then the Kameha Grand's new "Space Suite" is certain to fire your rockets. Better start saving though – a night in this uniquely themed room will set you back $2,000.
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Apple inks deal for second ‘spaceship’ campus in Silicon Valley

As work continues on Apple's futuristic "spaceship" campus in Cupertino, the tech company is also looking to construct an equally striking building for around 3,000 workers a few miles north in Sunnyvale.
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HBO just patented technology capable of measuring a boxer’s punch velocity and impact

HBO just submitted a patent for a punch tracking technology called PunchForce which has the ability to measure punch velocity, punch impact, and distance covered during boxing matches.
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Moonspike, the world’s first crowdfunded lunar rocket, wants to send your data to the moon

Moonspike, heralded as the "world's first crowfounded rocket," has taken to the fundraising platform to attempt to garner over $900,000 in cash to "transport your photos, videos, and data to the moon."

Moore’s Law back on track with IBM carbon nanotube breakthrough

IBM has discovered a way to make computer processors that are faster and even more power efficient, allowing it to keep up with Moore's Law at least for the next several years.

Works with Nest program expands to incorporate Weave language

Google's Weave smart home language will be added to Works with Nest, allowing 11,000 developers to make devices talk to each other. It will be added to the program next year.

The Odorless, a toilet odor removal system, is the most important Kickstarter ever

The Odorless, otherwise known as the most important Kickstarter campaign ever, promises to "eliminate embarrassing #2 odor directly from the toilet bowl, creating a better bathroom experience for everyone."