Point-and-click game based on ‘Stranger Things’ will have fans wanting even more

Anyone looking for more Stranger Things to tide them over until season 2 can now play a fan-made point-and-click adventure created by three members of indie development studio Infamous Quests.

‘Vampyr’ pre-alpha trailer released ahead of game’s 2017 launch

Antihero Jonathan E. Reid, who gamers play as throughout Vampyr, is a bloodthirsty surgeon-turned-vampire in 1918 London during the Spanish flu pandemic, who must kill to survive and level up.

The Sound BlasterX H5s are an affordable option for uncomfortable gamers 3:20

Not interested in draining your wallet on a gaming headset? Creative Labs has a new option with the Sound BlasterX H5. See what you can get for just a bill in this quick review.

'Resident Evil 7' Details Leaked Through ESRB Listing

While ESRB has since removed the listing on its site, it described the “survivor-horror game in which players will assume the role of Ethan, a man searching for his missing wife in a derelict mansion.”

Belgians seek books, not monsters, in the wild

Inspired by Pokémon Go, a Belgian primary school headmaster started a Facebook group for book lovers to release books into the wild. After they're found and read, the books are released again with a photo and comments.
Movies & TV

Angry Birds creators have sequel feature film in the works

“The Angry Birds Movie,” which came out in May 2016, took in an estimated $346.9 million at the box office worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo, and had a budget of $73 million. Rovio hopes to emulate that success.

‘SpaceEngine’ is like a free ‘No Man’s Sky’ modeled after the real universe

Space Engine is a free-to-download, procedurally generated simulator that's ten years in the making. Despite the incomprehensible size of the game's universe, it was developed by one man. But now, he says, he can't do it alone.

Everything you need to know about what’s coming to ‘Destiny’ in ‘Rise of Iron’

Destiny is going to change when Rise of Iron comes out in September. Here's everything you need to know about what comes next.

Luxury seems to define three new mechanical PC gaming keyboards from Corsair

Corsair has introduced three new "Lux" versions of its K70, K70 RGB, and K65 RGB mechanical keyboards, two of which sport an insane illumination system. The two K70 units are full-sized while the K65 model comes without the numeric keypad.
Virtual Reality

Oculus cooking up a VR containment system for room-scale Rift experiences

The Oculus Rift Touch controller arrives soon, and Oculus VR is getting customers ready by building what's known as a caged system. It's similar to HTC's "Chaperone" method for the Vive headset, which defines a block of physical space for…
Product Review

Piper Computer Kit Review

Piper's kit computer uses Minecraft as a portal into the world of programming.

First batch of Xbox Design Lab custom controllers arrives in September

Microsoft is boxing up its initial shipment of player-customized Xbox Design Lab controllers for the Xbox One, announcing that its first wave of vibrantly colorful gamepads will arrive on player doorsteps in September.