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Toshiba proves it’s ready for Windows 10 with a selection of new PCs

Toshiba is showing that its ready for Windows 10 by expanding their tablet line to include 10.1-inch devices, as well as revamping the Tecra A50 laptop.


iPhone 6S and 6C rumors: Leaked pictures of components hint at production

Apple may have recently launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but news of the iPhone 6S and an iPhone 6C are already on its way. Here is all the key information we think we know so far, including specs, and a possible release date.


Sony reports surging revenue as its mobile division continues to drown in red ink

As a whole, Sony reported very positive financial results, with several of the company's divisions reporting substantial growths. Unfortunately, the mobile division was not one of them, with the division reporting further losses.


Researchers find Android vulnerability that can render devices inoperable

Security researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a vulnerability that they claim can render a phone or tablet inoperable. All it takes, according to the report, is a malformed video file.


Pebble Time Steel: Preorders ship in August, but you’ll have to wait for the metal band

The Pebble Time Steel was just unveiled on stage at MWC by CEO, Eric Migicovsky. It's another version of the recently launched Pebble Time and is available for pre-order at Kickstarter now.


Samsung Pay News: MasterCard extends partnership to include European cardholders

Samsung Pay aims to rival Apple Pay and Google Wallet in the mobile payment space. The system works with NFC and verifies payments with your fingerprint. It may also work at locations where NFC is not accepted. Here's everything we know about it so far.


AT&T calls FCC’s fine over its throttling “implausible,” says it shouldn’t have to pay

AT&T says that it shouldn't have to pay the FCC's fine for throttling unlimited customers. It argues the commission lacks the authority to impose it, and that the record-breaking fine is arbitrary and capricious.


Sprint’s new family plan will save you a ton of money … if you’re not already a customer

Sprint announced a new family plan in which a family of four can get 10GB of shared data for only $100 per month. There's only one problem: You have to port four numbers from another carrier in order to enroll.


This guy quit his high-paying job to Periscope full-time

In June, Jon Jacques gained the courage to quit his high-paying job so he could Periscope full-time. Now, he's turned his hobby into a career and is helping those in need with donations he receives.

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For the OnePlus 2 to be the best deal in Android, it has to defeat Motorola first

OnePlus showed the new OnePlus 2 off in a flashy virtual reality launch event that went beyond anything its competitors have done before. The phone has a lot to live up to, if it's to beat a surprise challenge from Motorola.


Apple patents a crazy stylus that senses texture to make 3D files

For a company that hates the stylus, Apple sure has a lot of patents for cool styli. Two new patents explain how a stylus could record and transmit different textures on a digital surface to make 3D creations.


T-Mobile continues to surge with profits and subscriber growth, tops J.D. Power study

Things are looking good at T-Mobile. The company beat analyst expectations in profitability and added 2.1 million new subscribers during the second quarter 2015. The fourth-largest carrier even topped the latest J.D. Power study.


Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak call for autonomous weapon ban

While the idea of robotic assassins might be fun for sci-fi action flicks, it isn't a joke to the brightest minds of our time. Together, they've signed a letter asking countries around the world to ban the development of autonomous weapons systems.


Razer’s Android gamepad is now on sale for $80 in the Google Store

Mobile games can be great, but when the touchpad controls just don't cut it, a lot of the fun goes out the window. Razer's Serval controller has a dedicated housing slot for a phone built in, and is now available on the Google Store for $80.


Google Maps update could help you avoid a long wait for coffee in the morning

Think waiting in line is unbearable? Google Maps agrees and it's helping you avoid the lines with a recent update that shows expected wait times at restaurants and coffee shops. Just don't tell your boss or you won't have an excuse for being late.