All hail the flagship killer! ZTE's Axon 7 may be the best bargain phone of 2016

ZTE busts out its new flagship killer for 2016 with the Axon 7. This all-metal phone boasts high-end specs and a premium all-metal design for a much cheaper price than most. Here's our hands on.

Businesses take note: Instagram could be gearing up to implement boosted posts

If some currently unutilized code in Instagram's latest software is any indication, it appears that Instagram is gearing up to implement boosted posts or something similar - a move sure to upset business owners.

GoDaddy’s Flare app wants to help get your business idea get off the ground

GoDaddy's Flare app is sort of like a pre-Kickstarter -- for when you need some encouragement from a community to pursue your business idea. Get 10 likes and ask the community for ideas on how to improve your product or service.

If you’re after a smartphone bargain, OnePlus has taken out its price-cutting scissors

OnePlus is known for its competitively priced smartphones, but those already good prices have just got a little better, after the company cut the cost of both the OnePlus X and OnePlus 2. Why? There's a rumor the OnePlus 3 is nearly here.

You'll want the OnePlus 3 right now after seeing the latest leaked pictures

The OnePlus 3 is one of the most anticipated phones of 2016, thanks to its usually excellent specs and low price. The company will reveal the phone soon, in VR, and leaks have given us a sneak peak at the device itself.

For 32 hours, a group live streamed the ‘terms and conditions’ of apps like iTunes

A consumer group in Norway is so fed up with the "absurd ... scope, length, and complexity" of smartphone apps' terms of use that it decided to highlight the issue by reading out user agreements in a marathon reading session lasting 32…

Using a cell phone jammer just cost this guy $48,000

A Florida man who was caught using a signal jammer during commutes in an effort to stop drivers using their handsets has this week been hit with a $48,000 fine by the Federal Communications Commission.

Chinese startup Moxi Group could release the first flexible smartphone this year

Flexible displays are being developed by a number of big companies, but so far we have yet to see a truly flexible device in stores. That could change later this year, however, with the release of such a device by Moxi Group.

The $35 Raspberry Pi 3 may soon gain official support for Android

Android support may be officially headed to the Raspberry Pi 3 in the coming weeks or months, if recent changes in Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code are any indication.

Wells Fargo Wallet set to take on Android Pay with NFC, contactless ATM withdrawals

Banking giant Wells Fargo is relaunching its mobile app, Wells Fargo Wallet, on Android. It'll gain NFC features for payments and ATM withdrawals when it launches "later this summer."

Google may turn up heat on carriers, manufacturers over pace of Android updates

Android fragmentation doesn't seem to be getting a whole lot better, and Google may finally be starting to put the pressure on carriers and manufacturers. The company has a chart that shows which OEMs and carriers have the most up-to-date…