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Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors and news leaks

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8's official external battery pack leaks online

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Samsung was riding high when the Galaxy S7 officially outsold the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and even more so when the Galaxy Note 7 came along and impressed everyone — until it went out with a bang. The company is therefore likely to be thrilled to leave 2016 behind and turn its attention to this year’s flagship, which we know as the Galaxy S8.

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung’s mobile communications vice president, has noted the Galaxy S8 will “feature slick design and an improved camera, as well as an enhanced artificial intelligence service.” Rumors say there may even be two models.

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We now know it’s coming at the end of April, and although Samsung chose not to officially reveal the Galaxy S8 during Mobile World Congress at the end of February, local reports say some lucky executives did get to see the phone in secret — and they described it as “very impressive.”

We can’t wait, and we’re sure you can’t either. To make sure you’re prepared, here’s everything you need to know about the Galaxy S8.

Battery, USB Type-C, and Headphone Jack

While some suggest the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8 might be problematic, you’ll be able to use an external battery to alleviate that issue. And — surprise, surprise — the external battery that Samsung wants you to use has leaked online. The leak comes from Twitter user Roland Quandt, and essentially shows that the battery pack will have a 5,100mAh capacity and USB-C, and will cost 59.90 euros, or around $65 U.S. It will be available in black and gray.

The battery inside the Galaxy Note 7 is one that apparently caused a lot of problems, and Samsung will not want history to repeat itself with the Galaxy S8. To avoid any such issues, it’s reportedly going with at least three different battery suppliers for the new phone. Samsung SDI is definitely on board, while TDK-owned Amperex is said to be the second company, according to the Wall Street Journal, along with Murata, which is in the process of taking over Sony’s battery business.

It’s not the first time the two have been connected. Rumors had already spread Samsung would source at least some Galaxy S8 batteries from Murata, at a rate of 8 to 2. This is backed up by the Wall Street Journal report, which states Samsung will only order a small amount of batteries from Murata. Samsung SDI and Amperex also supplied batteries for the Galaxy Note 7.

Before this, South Korean news sources, as detailed by The Korea Herald, reported Samsung was in talks with LG Chem to produce the cells for use inside the upcoming phone.

There has been quite a bit of speculation surrounding the size of the battery in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Previous reports indicated that the devices would get a boost to 3,250mAh and 3,750mAh, respectively — however, South Korean publication The Investor says the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will instead sport 3,000mAh and 3,500mAh batteries, respectively. That’s a figure corroborated by leaked battery cell images, which were picked up by SamMobile.

A leaked photo of a battery said to be used inside the Galaxy S8 Plus adds some credibility to these rumors. It shows a capacity of 3,500mAh, and has a model number that is close to the number attributed to the Galaxy S8 Plus in other leaks.

A previous report from South Korean publication ITCLE noted that Samsung gave manufacturers an updated product road map that includes production of a 3,250mAh and 3,750mAh battery cell. While only speculation at this point, the timing of the update suggests the battery cells will be used in the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, representing somewhat of a boost over the 3,000mAh and 3,600mAh batteries in the S7 and S7 Edge.

While previous reports suggested that Samsung would do away with the headphone jack, newer reports suggest quite the opposite. Not only have we seen new Galaxy S8 case renders showing a space for a headphone jack, but Android Police is now reporting that the headphone jack will remain, citing a source close to the matter.

The Galaxy S8 will also adopt the USB Type-C reversible charging port, which offers fast charging and quicker data transfers, Sammobile confirmed. Sammobile also reports that Samsung might integrate stereo speakers from Harman, a company Samsung is buying for $8 billion.

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